25 Most Common Interior Designing Terms Used by Designers

by Ravi Bhadauria ADMEC Multimedia Institute

Decorating a home is a daunting task especially when any interior designer is using numerous complicated terms like boilerplate, egress and many more. It becomes confusing and difficult to understand these terms, especially for a layman. That is why we have prepared a list of glossaries used by interior designers. In the world of interior design, there is a huge collection of words and terms that can also be tricky to pronounce. We have made a list of top 25 most common interior designing terms along with their meanings which every professional designer should know in case you're going to demonstrate your design expertise to clients and other designers. These terms will come handy when you are discussing your requirements with a pro or even for a novice who is new to the interior design industry. Knowing these terms in advance or simply keeping a record of all the terms will be beneficial at the time of negotiation and conveying your ideas.

1. Ambient Lighting: General lighting dispersed within an entire room.

2. Ballast: A gadget which controls the current in a fluorescent lamp.

3. Base Cabinets: Cabinets which are typically 34 ½ inches tall and 24 inches deep and used on the floor to offer countertop support and

4. Boilerplate: Terms and conditions which are mentioned in a purchase order or other document.

5. Case-Goods: Furniture made up of metal, glass wood, or plastic. Some of the examples of case-goods are chests, tables, dressers, bookshelves and cabinets.

6. Chair Rail: A decorative piece of molding used to protect walls from damaging done by chair backs.

7. Classic Crown Molding: It is a type of crown molding generally used in combination with supplementary moldings. A classic crown is bigger and has more decorative profiles.

8. Claw Foot Tub: These are beautiful bathtubs having four legs mounted off of the floor. The base of each leg looks like a claw foot.

9. Clear Floor Space: It is free of obstruction area. The term is mostly used with reference to the kitchens for clearances of appliances.

10. Console Table: A long cylindrical shape table I often placed in a lobby or behind a sofa and used for exhibiting decorative lighting, florals, objects etc.

11. Contemporary: The style which is followed in the present or current time.

12. Egress: An opening or a path used for exiting a room or building.

13. Faux-Finish: A decorative procedure in which paint is applied on the surface of solid materials such as granite, wood, marble etc.

14. Focal Point: The center point in a room which attracts attention or interest. It will also create strong emotional impact through decor of the room.

15. Green Design: A design also known as eco-friendly-design, which follows ecologically sound principles of building, material and energy use.

16. Knock-Down: Furniture that is partially assembled or sold unassembled.

17. Lumbar Pillow: A rectangular shape small pillow used in armchairs and sofas and main objective is to support the lower back.

18. Mullion: They are separators made up of metal or wood and used between the numerous glass panes of multi-paned windows.

19. Pendant: A lighting fixture hung from the ceiling containing one or more lamps. They are used to highlight an area by providing lighting to that area.

20. R&R: Its full form is removed and replace. This term is used for describing any remodeling project which consists of removing and replacing cabinetry, fixtures, appliances and much more without any structural or mechanical changes.

21. Service Entry: An informal or second-way entrance to the home, which is used for transporting groceries and supplies.

22. Settee: A long wooden or furnished bench having a back, designed to seat two or more persons.

23. Tint: Any color mixed with white. All pastel colors are considered as a tint.

24. Veneer: A thin layer of wood made by peeling the trunk of a tree to produce long sheets with a consistent grain pattern. This layer is then applied to a solid or fibreboard backing to create a more uniform appearance.

25. Work Aisle: Space required to work at the kitchen work centers.

Interior designers have their own vocabulary. If you're getting design work done for your house or office, knowing the right jargon will not only help you communicate with one another but also get the results you envisage. Knowing these terms will not only be beneficial for designers but even homeowners will be able to shorten the restructuring process. Try to memorize each and every term, be sure to use them or try to relate to them at the time of remodel or redesign a room in your home.

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