20 Tips To Accelerate Your Brochure’s Design

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Brochures or catalogs are the most important marketing tools. A well-furnished, customer-friendly brochure catapults your business by empowering great sales leads. But the reasons for most of the brochure’s rejection or failure to impress the audience are that they are just so dull. Many designers design the brochure like a book with so much written information. Thus, degrading the brochure’s value because no one is going to read a novel sized monotonous brochure.

“Short and Simple is the ultimate sophistication.”

                                                            - Leonardo da Vinci 

20 tips to accelerate your brochure design are as follows:

1) Be simple and Unique.

From generations, human minds are more inclined towards simple things. All the inventions so far are made to make things simple and more comfortable. The same concept is with the brochure. The simpler the catalog, the more impact it will create on its audience because simple design can be advantageous. Make it clear and neat so that the viewer can get the idea at once. 

Brochure Design

2) Think about different design functionality.

Different design functionalities always end up with good impressions. Always try to be more creative with the functionality like, reveal it with a beautiful floral pattern or design it an introductory page with some pop outs of pretty flowers, etc., Make a significant impact on the viewers by some small surprises. This will also generate curiosity among your viewers that’s what next.

3) Keep it linear.

Design your brochure so that it can be stretched out. Be different with your style so that the viewer gets amazed by your design. Flipping pages is an outdated style, design your entire brochure as a whole.

4) Consider creative graphics 

Graphics always play with the minds of the viewers. Attractive graphics always grab the attention of the audience. If there are two brochures, the customer will choose one having graphic elements are reflected in the folds of the paper. This makes the brochure very solid as a whole, and each element is complementing each together to generate a firm piece.

Brochure Design

5) Be very innovative with your inserts.

Generally, many products implementations are recorded in a CD or DVDs and are included inside the brochure. Designers, usually don’t pay attention about these inserts and drop it at the back. And most of the time viewers ignore them.  Always try to exhibit it interestingly. You’re not restricted to coat in the end. Innovatively place them so that it can convince the users to catch it.

6) Play with images. 

People are visual creatures, so always add attractive photos, it will surely catapult their interest in your brochure. But be very particular while you choose your image, they should be appealing and convincing. Your photo should reflect your words. Blur images or meaningless images will degrade your catalog’s performance.

Brochure Design

7) Be different with different shapes.

You are not limited to shapes. The traditional shapes used were either rectangular or square. But breaking a tradition is always unique and demanding. Design your brochure in any shape unlike hearts, diamonds or even you can take 3-D shaped to give it a good feel.

8) Make fine Changes.

Always design your brochure with a motive of adding softness to the look. Shaving corners or some cutting make your catalog more comfortable and user-friendly. Even if you are using standard formats, but little changes will surely add on a flavor to it.

9) Choose your materials wisely.

An excellent brochure comes with suitable material. Based on product and services the brochure is offering, you can relate the documents accordingly. Use environment-friendly materials, to make the look more warm and fresh. Many business brochures are designed with recyclable materials which give a very earthy texture and feel to the brochure.

Brochure Design

10) Use texture as a graphic element.

Textures are equally crucial as images. Design your brochure with different textures. The contrast between bright color and dark pages make the catalog look good. Designers always miss the touch. Hence, they deteriorate the brochure’s look.

11) Make it user-friendly.

Your brochure should be unique, presented with various illustrative styles, bright colors such that it can create a fresh and soothing effect. Hence, this way can be user-friendly.

Brochure Design

12) Break traditional trends.

From generations, every book, letter, is read left to right and top to down the page before moving onto the next page. Try to set some new traditions.

13) Design it creative but small

“Short things are compact and ridiculously adorable.”

Time is very valuables. People tend to reject the brochures which are lengthy. So always keep your brochure short but effective. The other advantage of small brochures is that they can be easily carried. The shorter the brochure, the more someone will be actually to hold onto it. The small brochure can effortlessly fit into a pocket or purse.

14) Use different angles to stand it out

Try to play with the angles. Angles always add visual interest and create visual elements in their own right. Start your content from the center of the page, or any other angle it will create a significant impact on the viewers.

15) Take advantage of die cuts.

Die cuts are created for making appealing windows to expose some piece of information. They are made to generate interest so that the viewer can open it and investigate further.

16) Focus on display.

The display is the core of brochure designing. Play wisely with your presentation. If the things are placed nicely, it adds on to the show and makes it more attractive. Make the display look very professional and competent.

17) Keep Options.

Human race differs regarding race, choices, tastes, preferences. They always prefer the brand where they are offered more options to satisfy their need. The same rule applies to the brochure. Construct a brochure that contains the same information but in different colors, designs, shapes. You are limited to create all identical brochures. Options will undoubtedly increase the worth for your brochures.

18) Choose your words carefully.

Be very specific. Don’t write unnecessarily. The content should be worthy, not lengthy. The content should always be appealing and satisfying. Write according to the need and interest of your customers. 

19) Have symmetry.

The overall shape of your brochure should be standard. Symmetry gives a professional look to your brochure and makes it eye-catchy.

20) Serve other purposes.

Don’t limit your brochure as just an information provider. Always try to serve other purposes for your customers. This will surely make your catalog stand out from all other competitors. 

If all the above outlines are kept in mind while designing a brochure, then surely your brochure will win the hearts of the viewers.

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