10 Ways to Get Natural Glow on Skin With Diet

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In reality "you are what you eat." Nutrition from the meals you eat, provide the foundation to the every little cell in your body. From your skin, hair, bones, muscles, immune systems and to your digestive system, you need nutrition to work effectively. You may not be aware of it, but you're constantly repairing and healing your body.
There are 10 things which help you getting natural glow on your skin with age:-

1. Hydration: Your skin needs water like any other organs to perform many activities. In the absence of water your skin cells may turn dry, flaky or tight. Dry skin has less elasticity and is more prone to wrinkling. Drinking 12 glass of water throughout day is recommended for shinning skin.

2. Go unprocessed: Restrict the intake of processed food and start consuming raw and natural food. i.e. consume organic honey instead of processed white sugar, Consume hand pound rice instead of polished rice so on. Processing reduces the nutritional quality of the food and left the end product with empty calories.

3. Don't be simple, be complex: Eat lot of complex carbohydrates than simple. Simple carbs are loaded with empty calories whereas complex carbs are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. The fiber present in complex carbs works as prebiotic- food for bacteria, promotes healthy gut flora. Healthy gut is linked with healthy immune system makes your skin looks younger acne free. Complex carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables, whole cereals, whole pulses.

4. Eat Citrus: Eat citrus fruits, they are rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C plays important role in making our body radical free. Pollution in the environments triggers the free radicals formation in our body which causes ageing. Vitamin C deactivates the free radical and proven to be anti-ageing to our body. Vitamin C has multiple roles, if applied on skin can work as anti-inflammatory or anti-fungal. Taking bath in lemon rind water keeps your body bacteria free and reduces the sweat odour.

5. Sleep: Our body gets repaired when we are asleep. A good and bad sleep is responsible for our skin related problems. Seven hours of sound sleep allows our body to do the repairing work effectively whereas bad sleep causes inflammation and erratic metabolism and other disorders. So manage your sleep hours for good skin.

6. Timely meals: Follow a timely routine and have your meals on time. Timely portion control meals keep the hormones and glucose under check. Faulty meals and irregular time creates the havoc inside body which trigger acne, oils, body ache, insulin resistance and migraine.

7. Bring colors: To feel vibrant and active you need colors dose same way to make our body disease free active we need to add lot of color in terms of food. Red and yellow color from bell pepper, cherries, green color from spinach and broccoli and so on. Include 3 colors in your every meal.

8. Herbal tea: Teas have always been part of people, whether at social gathering or formal meet up. Time is changing so the requirements. Today's environment demand for detox which can be done efficiently with herbal teas. Instead of milk tea shift your taste towards green teas, lemon tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea. They not only soothe the nerves, they do much more to the body like, relieving stress, weight loss, immunity building etc.

9. Sprouts: Sprouting increases the nutritional quality of the food as well as bio availability. Means it deactivates the inhibitors present in the food and allows the food to absorb 100% in the body without creating waste. Rainy season is the best time to have sprouts because of humidity in the environment. Consumption of sprouts help in relieving digestion issues like constipation, gas, bloating etc. The high fiber present, keeps the gut clean and healthy.

10. Organic: Food excessively grown in pesticides environment or produce with the application of artificial hormones have direct impact on our health and skin. They can cause hormonal disturbance, unwanted hairs, blemishes, acne and many other problems. So consume food grown and produced organically. It might help in restoring our health from previous damage and protecting it from further damage.

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