10 tips for what to do when your iPhone won't charge

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Apple smartphones are known for their high quality, but that doesn't stop some problems from happening every now and then. In fact, one of the most common situations is when the device simply does not charge at all. There are many reasons for this to happen, and luckily, there are even more ways around the problem. That's why we've separated some of the best tips on what to do when your iPhone doesn't charge. Check it out below!


1. Use a corded charger


To get started, we suggest using a wired charger instead of using wireless chargers. On many occasions the wireless signal sent to the iPhone can cause problems or suffer from interference. Of course, this situation only applies to the latest iPhone models, but it's a valuable tip for those who can't charge the device that way.


2. Test different power sources


Another thing you should do is test different power sources with your charger. This means that you must plug the charger into different outlets to see if the problem is from a specific source.


It is also worth connecting the iPhone directly to your PC or Mac via the Lighting cable. This will help you to know if the charger source is the part that has the problem. And of course, if possible, try using a different Lightning cable to eliminate this possible suspect as well.


3. Check if the device is warm


Many people notice that the iPhone stops charging after a few hours in the socket and there is a very specific reason for this: the temperature. The device may simply stop charging if it is too hot, and this is actually an intentional feature, designed to prevent further damage from happening.


In such cases, there are a few things you can try. You can take iPhone away from sunny places, move it to a cooler location, or stop charging it for a while until it cools down.


4. Turn off the device and charge


In some situations, all you need to do is turn off your iPhone and leave it plugged in for a while. Of course, in these cases it is better not to keep touching the device until it reaches a good level of charge.


5. Reset iPhone


Often, the simple act of resetting your iPhone can solve most of your problems. This includes the situation when the device stops charging for no reason.


There are two ways to do this, depending on your iPhone model. For iPhone 6S and older devices, press the Power button and the Home button for 15 seconds.


From iPhone 7 onwards, you need to press the Power button and the volume down button at the same time for about 15 seconds. After that, try to charge the device normally.


6. Check if the cable is working


Another aspect you should check is whether your iPhone cable is working. You can do this by connecting the device to the PC via cable, See iphone charge port repair in Dubai.


If you're having connection issues, it could mean different things. Our suggestion is that you try to use other Lighting cables to know if the problem is really with the wire or your iPhone.


7. Clean iPhone Input


Since we mentioned in the previous thread that your iPhone could be the real problem, there is something very simple you can do. In most of these cases, the device may just have dirt or dust in its charger port.


You can clean this iPhone entry with a brush or even a brush. It may not seem like it, but this port usually accumulates dirt over time and causes cable connection problems without the user knowing.


8. Leave iPhone charging without touching it


Letting the iPhone charge without touching it is another important tip that many users don't follow. In these cases, the iPhone may even be charging, but heavy use during the same period makes it appear that the charge level does not rise.


Other than that, this situation makes the iPhone hot. As we've already mentioned, this is something that can really stop loading altogether.


9. Restore iPhone in iTunes


If none of the above works, we suggest that you try to restore your iPhone to its factory conditions through iTunes. This is a more drastic measure, so make sure you've tried everything first.


To do this, you must backup iPhone  as we teach in this tutorial , and then restore it as we show in this article . Then just pull the backup, configure your iPhone and try charging it again.


10. Use official chargers


Our last tip might be a bit obvious, but it could also be the exact problem of an iPhone that is no longer charging like it used to. Using poor quality chargers can damage your device and they may stop working unexpectedly.


So if your iPhone is not charging, try an official or Apple-licensed charger. This will help you to know if this is really the problem or not.


Were you able to reverse the problem when iPhone won't charge?


Did you take advantage of our tips to know what to do when your iPhone doesn't charge? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us if everything went well.

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