3 Reasons to Replace Broken Laptop Screen

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A broken laptop screen can seem like a complicated problem to solve. Because it is a very visible type of defect, it ends up impacting all tasks performed on the computer.


However, the price, time, and complexity factors of this repair can provide good value for money, especially when looking at the price of replacing the defective notebook with a new one.


In this post, we've gathered three reasons why it's worth replacing a broken laptop screen, to help you decide between repair and disposal. Check out!


1. Ease of switching


Contrary to what it may seem, replacing a broken laptop screen is not a complicated process. However, it is essential that all care is taken to avoid damage.


In short, the work consists of a few basic steps, which take, on average, half an hour to complete

  • Before starting the repair, remove the notebook battery ;
  • Remove the screws holding the display frame;
  • Remove the frame, which is now only secured by snapping — at this stage, a credit card facilitates the removal process;
  • The screws that secure the hinges to the cover, as well as those that secure the hinges to the display, must be removed;
  • Disconnect the ribbon cable — the component that sends the video signal from the computer to the screen;
  • Position the new screen and connect the flat cable to the new part;
  • Replace the fixing screws and the frame;
  • Plug in the power cord to test the new display.

The location of the connections and securing screws may vary depending on the notebook model. However, the logic of the process remains the same.


2. Changing the screen is a lower cost alternative


Another factor to consider is the price. In general, a replacement for a broken notebook screen is equivalent to a percentage of 10-15% of the value of a new computer.


The price of a notebook screen is also reduced by the fact that several manufacturers produce compatible products. Thus, with more options, market values ​​decrease.


In addition to the cost of the screen, it is necessary to consider the price of labor, when hiring the service of a technical assistance, or even a self-employed professional, to carry out this work.


It is worth mentioning that, for people who do not have knowledge or experience with handling hardware parts, it is more recommended to use the services of a technical assistance. This avoids the risk of causing more damage to the machine — and increasing costs.


It is possible to extend the life of the notebook by replacing the broken screen, which also guarantees cost savings.


3. Practicality to find the correct model


Today, with the plethora of information available on the Internet, it is not difficult to find the correct model to replace a broken notebook screen: just look for the manufacturer's information and the computer's specifications.


Another convenience is being able to buy the replacement screen, without having to go to a store. In this sense, it is important to find a store that offers reliability and security — as it is a delicate product.


Quik Fix Technologies is an online store specializing Broken computer screen repair in UAE. Among the conditions offered, there is a one-year warranty for the product purchased, in addition to same-day shipping for purchases made before 4 pm.


To help you find the right display for your notebook, there is a page explaining Part Number, size and resolution, as well as a support channel to assist you during the display purchase and installation.


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