Behind the scenes

by Paula van Dun Retired
Who is keeping up appearances? You can find out in chat rooms.

Talking with people in private or in private chat rooms can be very enlightening. I have spent a lot of time in chat rooms lately and learned a lot from what is written there. From direct statements but also from reading between the lines.

The content of those is very different from profiles on networks. Sometimes completely opposite. There are those with huge inflated egos that have in reality not have big achievements and vice versa.

A lot of politics going on too and gossip. Often based on emotions and jumping conclusions. People feel mistreated and vent in private chats. Friends knowing the person that vents take action to ban, ignore, un-join or whatever. To support their friend. Emotions and business do not always mix well. Sometimes statements are rectified back later.

People in private chats vent their opinions and emotions more openly in private chats than they do, in general, in public posts. Sometimes that is good because you really get to know a person, a persons circumstances and back ground. This has triggered for me to participate/promote some initiatives to help another person.

However when negative emotions are involved..... In private groups or chats you often hear just one side of the story in case of a conflict. At a time that the person is in a exaggerated state of mind. I usually sit back and watch how things develop. In some cases I will make an effort to do inquiries myself without mentioning names, to hear the other side of the story.

In general I maintain a low profile and I don't take sides. In chats you never know who is lurking so I think it is best to be cautious.

Looking behind the scenes and participating in chat rooms has helped me to gain valuable insights. I also made valuable connections. It also taught me to walk on egg shells.

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