Before starting new business - think

by Harish M. Seo freelancer and web development
1. Is This the Business I Want?
2. Where Will I Be 5 Years from Now?
3. Is this How I Want To Spend My Time?
4. Am I Willing to Put In the Necessary Time to Run this Business?
5. Is There a Market for My Business Idea?
6. Will Licensing and Registration of My Business Idea Be a Problem?
7. Do I Have Family Support?
8. Will this Business Support Me?
9. Where Will I Locate? 
10. How Much Will I Need to Start My Business?
11. How Much Will You Need for Monthly Operating Costs?
12. How Will I Finance This Business?
13. Will I Need Employees? How Many?
14. How Will I Get Customers?
15. Will I Need a Website?
16. What Will I Name My Business?

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Malok Mading Committed   Writer and Blogger.
A nice thought-up.A through business plan is crucial to the fail or success of any business.Good work Rajput!
May 15th 2011 04:23   
Ginny Williams Committed   Affiliate and Network Marketing
Great article and great tips to go by. Thanks for sharing it with us!
May 15th 2011 06:31   
Mohann Krish Advanced   
Very relevant questions before starting any business. Each of these questions needs to be explored in depth. However, one should never exclude a vital question: How will I exit and when?
May 15th 2011 06:39   
Daryoush Ashtari Senior   Director
All are important points.
May 15th 2011 06:40   
Jaafar Mahmuddin Advanced   
Good job, have outlined very well the necessary due diligence before one jump into a commitment.
May 15th 2011 07:36   
Fred Mugone Magnate I   Health, Wellness, e-Business
Great job Sushil. Due diligence before starting any business is a must and by asking and finding answers to these questions, eventual business success is assured.
May 15th 2011 07:42   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
If more people would take the time to not just answer these questions but answer them honestly. There are no shortcuts to building a successful business. Many businesses look successful and fail within a year or two or even months because the foundation that they are built on is unstable.
May 15th 2011 08:03   
Paul Hines Committed   Nowsite Artificial Intelligence
Very relevant points, good article.
May 15th 2011 08:58   
Harish M. Committed   Seo freelancer and web development
thanks everyone for the comments.
May 15th 2011 09:09   
Rodney Lee Smith Senior   Internet Marketing Consultant
Great Business outline. There should always be careful thought given to starting a business even an online one.
May 15th 2011 10:09   
Pat DeLeonibus Innovator   
If everyone who wanted to be an entrepreneur asked themselves these questions and answered them honestly, there would be more success stories.
May 15th 2011 14:41   
Sig TeamSig Senior   Marketing
I agree with you Pat on this.
May 15th 2011 14:43   
Tanveer Hussain Babar Professional   Journalist , OJC , E,Marketing
Excellent Article for Newbies as well as for Expert, i like it because it gives me lot of guide lines.
May 15th 2011 16:01   
Harish M. Committed   Seo freelancer and web development
Thanks again everyone for appreciating my article, I would further elaborate each and every step in my upcoming articles.
May 15th 2011 16:47   
Nathan Services LLC Professional   Closer; Strategic Consultant
One other question could be included in all this. How will I design my Small Business Plan? If its going to be short term; it may have a different format from the long term version. This is a fantastic first article with lots more that can be followed up on.
May 15th 2011 17:37   
Kevin Bru Senior   It's All Up to YOU! Act NOW!
This article is a great outline of how to create a business plan. Refer to all of these, don't skip over any. I see newbies all the time entering into a business so that they can have more time with their families, but they pick a field, like MLM, that is a monster consumer of free time.
May 15th 2011 18:07   
Mike Grady Innovator   Entrepreneur
The business plan is the name of the game, without it you are lost.
May 15th 2011 23:52   
Prince Ade-Johnson Junior  Internet/Mobile Marketing Consultant
Great and insightful questions. This is a great nuggets for any who-be entrepreneur or netpreneur.
May 21st 2011 12:33   
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