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1. Introduction :

            Information Selling is the most exciting and  rewarding business of this century.  The benefits associated with this business are so great that every one must, at least,  try it.  The business is most suitable for those   kind of people who can’t follow a set routine time table, say 9-5, and don’t want to commute for office and work for long  hours in an inconvenient corporate office environment.


            If, you are an educated  unemployed, thank God you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to own your own  business -  without any investment. If you are a  housewife,  a retired person or a student and want to run  a part-time business from home, you can do it to earn some extra income.

            If you are doing some small business, or service, but your income falls insufficient to meet your growing expenses  this business may help you earn some extra bucks. It’s equally ideal for those who have some spare time and want to utilize their talent in creative activities.


2.  What information Products are

            All e-books, CDs, DVDs, Videos,  Audios, reports, magazine, newsletter, or any other data collection in  any electronic form are called information products. These products should be  in such a format as to be  electronically delivered via internet.

            That means if your products contain any information which you can send by e-mail or offer on the net as a downloadable file,  your product qualifies to be called information product.

            It doesn’t matter whether it is  a knowledge-based  e-book, or  an entertainment video or a tutorial CD/DVD, or a discourse  audio file. So you may also say that information products are files which can be sent from your computer hard drive through internet to the prospective audience.


3  Why information Products are most suitable for Online business (benefits)


            *  No Investment : Info products can be created with a small capital or even without no investment at all.

            Free Platform :  Even you don’t  need to have your own web-site or blog. (You can create your own blog for free on

            Free Software : And you can download Adobe Reader ( a software to make PDF Files for free , formerly known as  Adobe Acrobat Reader)

            Other  Pdf readers are -  Foxit Reader, GSview, Nitro PDF Reader, Nuance  PDF Reader,  PDF -XChange  Viewer, Qiqqa, Sumatra PDF, STDU Viewer,  Evince. Most of them are free!

            Your only investment is - time and effort you put into creating your blog/site, wring e-books or creating information  products and selling or promoting your products.


            *  No REPEAT PRODUCTION COST  :  Once you have done a great  research and hard labor to create an e-book, for example, it can be reproduced in any quantity without any further cost. For example, even if you sell thousands or even millions of copies of your e-book , your reproduction cost remains same  bringing you the 100% profits to you.


            *  No Inventory, NO storage COST, NO SHIPPING COST   : Unlike physical products, you don’t need a godown to store the books, no employees to take stock and manage inventory. Neither you have to hire people for shipping management.

            So, your problems regarding inventory and shipping are completely eliminated and you can focus totally on creating and promoting your products, usually you can operate it from home as a single person business. 


            *  Instant Payment   :  As the goods are delivered electronically and the payment is received in the same way (electronically through bank a/c or Agencies like Pay-Pal)  There is no time-lapse between purchase, delivery and receipt of payment. All these happens in the same time.

            So, it can safely be said that Information selling has enormous advantages over  conventional business. Some of the are enumerated below -

            - easy to create

            - a large global market

            - cheap to produce and sell

            - easy to research - specially on the Net

            - most convenient for  fast delivery

            - subject to instant payment

            - exciting fun to sell

            - improves your creativity

            - under your own control to create and sell - as you can do it all by yourself.

            - prestigious career compared to most jobs and conventional business

            - can be done at your own time and pace, from the comforts of your home


4 Different kinds of Info Products


            Information selling includes  various products in various files and formats.

            # E-Books

            # Audio books, programs, seminars, songs, rhymes

            # Video - training programs, courses,

            # Research data, Yellow pages

            # Multimedia Programs  - presentations, movies, videos

            # Workbooks, tips, manuals, self-help

            # Coaching Programs

            # Keynote Speaking, discourses

            # Reports, articles, e-zines

            # Journals, magazines, infomercials, newsletters

            # CD/DVDs - entertainment, movies, mms, videos

            # pictures, images, photos, clip arts, designs, logos

            # and many more - anything you can think of and

            # anything you have interest in or  anything you have mastery or expertise over.


5 How to create your own info products 

            Creating Products for information selling is not that hard. Internet is filled up with information on any subject you wish to select.

            The real  problem is not in availability of information you want to collect. Main test  of your creativity lies  is in - how you represent the latest available information in a user-friendly manner. You need not create anything new. But you must work hard to research well and rearrange the things properly to make it easy to read and understand with a minimum possible time

            The most interesting part of the information selling business is that you can sell the same information other people are selling on the Net, and even make more money than they are.

            The secret is, to achieve more income than your competitors, your information should be short, cheaper, easy to understand, timely and of course well presented. The second secret is that if you spend 10% time in creating your product, you must spend 90% (of your total time devoted)  in promoting your product to achieve comparatively higher , instant and regular income.

            You must offer right products at right time . To create your own products for information selling, you must consider some points-

            Explore  the demand  - Avoid the products with which the market is flooded. The demand for such products might have saturated. Never try to create demand for your products. It needs massive advertising  cost and is time-consuming. Create the products for which the demand already exists. Always try to fulfill the demand that already exist.

            Research Well - While preparing your information selling product, you should research well on the subject. Give your 100% to prepare your products. Reconsider and rewrite, if required. Your product quality should be upto mark. It is better to prepare one quality product than 5 low quality products. Quality matters, not the quantity in info selling business. Low quality products will harm your reputation while good quality products will make you more money. Cheating customers will ultimately damage your business.

            Another advantage of  reasonably priced good quality products is repeat orders for your other products. . If your “Home business” e-book helps anyone to start a home business, chances are that he may buy your ‘How make money online operating from home’ too.

            Price reasonably - While pricing, you should consider and compare the price of other similar products in the market offered by your competitors. Your price should not be too high or too low. It should be based on the prospective buyer’s purchasing power.

            For example, If you prepare an e-book or course materials for a middle class educated unemployed youth, the price should be lower so that he can afford to buy it.

            If your targeted audiences are from rich family ( say, you have prepared an e-book on ‘how to invest your idle money’ or ‘how to invest your money in property so as to get a lifetime income) you must not think to price it lower. Remember rich people like to have a costly advice !


            Present well - Packaging and presentation really matters in info business, same as in physical products. For example, if you are  preparing an e-book, you should put some relevant images, photos, quotes or something else you can imagine to make it more attractive and interesting to read it. Use simple, easily understandable words and phrases.


            Give something for Free! - Include something like this in you offer - ‘Free trial offer for 15 days’ ‘ Order now and get 20% discount plus free updates’ ‘100% moneyback guarantee, no questions asked, keep free reports with you’ ‘ buy the  e-book and get 24 powerful reports free’ and 100s of other phrases you may use to attract and assure your customers.


            Keep Originality & put creativity - Though most of the information you want to sell is already available on the internet. What you have to do is to express the same thing in a creative manner with your unique presentation skills. Better you add your experience, skills and expertise in your products.

            For example, if you are writing an e-book on ‘how to make money online’ - it will be more realistic if you have really made money online and share your own experience with an intention to  guide the novices, who want to make money online.


            Select the area of your expertise - Information on any subject sells! Even if you write on dogs or pigs, there are prospects who would like to know what you know about dogs and pigs. As you have a global market for your products, you will get more satisfied customers, if you write on your favorite subject in which you are an expert!


6 What to do, if you don’t have your own info products

             Well, you may object that you can’t write or create your own product. Don’t worry! You have the other way out! You can make money selling info products online, even if you don’t have your own or you can’t create your own.

            You can do it in two ways : Affiliate marketing or by obtaining  re-seller rights.

            e. g. If you want to sell e-books, you may search on the web for Affiliate Programs or RESELLER Rights and MASTER selling Rights for e-books written by other authors.

            One of the great affiliate program provide for books is Amazon & especially for e-boos free-e-books. You may find more sites for your purpose, keep on searching! ####


7 How to sell info products

            Add some value to you products.

            Adding value means to give something extra product or service alongwith original product.

            For example, you may allow some part of your e-books, to download for free!

            You may also offer money back guarantee if returned within some specific period.

            Or you may offer one e-book free on purchase of your main info product. ###
















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