What the F&@# Are you doing?!

by John Bell Insidmal Design LLC

I?ve got a bit of a rant here about what I?m seeing on traffic exchanges.

What?s up with all the garbage?

Maybe I?m wrong, but I was always under the impression that affiliate marketing was selling a product for another company to earn a commission.

If that?s true, then how come when I?m surfing through traffic exchanges, 95% of the ads I see don?t say anything about the product they are selling.

I don?t care about some ficticious amount of money I?ll never make selling whatever it is you are selling. How many industries sell products, but don?t actually advertise the product? Have you ever seen a Nike ad that doesn?t show a Nike product, or even the Nike branding? Do their ads all say, you could open a Nike store too and make a gagillion dollars a day? No..

Oh yes, you guys are right, they are the ones doing it wrong.


Do you ever wonder why you can?t seem to sell any advertising on that affiliate site? Look at your ads.. are you actually even talking about the advertising service? Do you even USE the advertising service? Lets get real here.

YOU: Selling products for another company to earn a commission.
ME: Buying products from other companies which earns you a commission.

What are the keywords there? PRODUCTS!! If you are going to sell me something, then sell it to me, don?t fill me full of steam about how my $10 will turn into $10,000,000,000,000 a month without ever lifting a finger.

If you are advertising a pay plan, then that?s what people MIGHT be buying.. well guess what happens when they don?t make any money.. they quit.. then you suck, the company sucks, everyone sucks, you told me I would make money and I didn?t, I?m never buying from you again.

If you are advertising a product, then that?s what people are buying.. well guess what happens.. they are getting the product, and then you rock, the company rocks, everyone rocks, you told me I would be getting a product for my money, and I am, I am going to buy from you again.

Does this not make total complete OBVIOUS sense here? Lets get real folks.

In the words of Louise Venison ?You?re doing it all wrong!?

Go back and look at your ads.. are you selling a product or a pay plan? And how exactly is that working out for you?

There?s an old quote that has always proven true for me. ?Successful Affiliate Marketers buy Products, unsuccessful marketers buy opportunities?  Which are you selling?

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Joe Sansoucie Professional   Advertising Your Business Is My Business
LOL I know exactly what you mean! Any old scam will do and of course you can pay the mortgage or rent with your vast earnings from the paid to read site paying 100 dollars per email read... Ya right. People act like their desperate to make a buck instead of thinking of their financial future. A good simple affiliate program doesn't have to cost more than 10 dollars per month, pays 50% commission monthly, and is a valuable tool or service to Internet marketers. I am in many of those types of programs and they are the best thing to sell if you're looking for easy commissions every month. Good post, keep asking the hard questions, I love it!
Jan 13th 2011 06:01   
Jeffrey Meade Senior   Marketer
I agree, I also think that is the reason why many are getting drawn away from exchanges.
Jan 13th 2011 06:02   
Palanichamy Vairaperumal Freshman   
also selling product on my plan
Jan 13th 2011 06:17   
ZuckNewman Junior  
Good article)
Jan 13th 2011 08:39   
Ginny Williams Committed   Affiliate and Network Marketing
LOL, I agree with you 100%, sometimes just ricdiculous.
Jan 13th 2011 09:32   
Corey Blackmur Committed   Blackmur Global
Hey John, when you say;
"Successful Affiliate Marketers buy Products, unsuccessful marketers buy opportunities? Which are you selling?"
Are you referring to an actual "in your hands" product that is shipped to you?

Or can a product be an "advertising program" where you purchase advertising "credits" to promote other products or programs. To me the advertising you purchase is an "actual product" that you are using.

Now in saying that ~ quite often you can in turn "affiliate market" this advertising with your affiliate ID for a commission, which in turn becomes an "opportunity".

I guess in can become a play on words, and it depends on how you look at a "product", and "opportunity" and a "program" - and whether they are "tangible" or "intangible" products......

Great article by the way to having to really think about what you are saying.
Jan 13th 2011 09:53   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Well written! Totally agree! I advertise both, the product, on some sites, the distributorship on others. It really depends on where I am posting ads. For example, I only advertise products on CraigsList, on FreeKii, I advertise the program and income potential. Know where you are advertising, to know what to advertise...
Jan 13th 2011 10:18   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
Remember "buy and sell keywords", anyone ? :)

They weren't selling a product, only an opportunity.

John, 4 thumbs up ( big toes included ) for telling it like it is.
Jan 13th 2011 10:34   
James Bonham Committed   tweetsmaster
Great article and I agree totally. I like to use this line keep it simple right. Here is what I have. Here is what it will do for you and here is what you need to do next,and smile real big lol:) Some will ok very good. Some will not ok so what move on.
Jan 13th 2011 11:52   
Toshiba Burton Senior   Social Media Consultant
Hi John you bring up some really interesting points in this article!
Humm...may be they need to read "Magnetic Sponsoring"
Jan 13th 2011 13:06   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
I am over 5 years ... bent out of shape for Traffic Exchanges ... this is now busy work for network connections who "ask" ~~~ for advertising help :)
Jan 13th 2011 15:25   
Andy Anderson Professional   Owner Yuma Bloggers
Scammers it is sad to say are aiding in building a sense of desperation among those low on funds and then promising the moon. Common sense these days is not as common as it once was so it's easy pickings for them because people jump on the promise of money without asking simple things like where does the money come from, what do I get in return, and is this system legal. Instead they take the word of the scammer. That old, "The site says it's 100% Legal." excuse has reverberated soundly around the web. Folks just don't get it that a legal program doesn't have to tell you they are legal, there is no reason to question their legality.
Jan 13th 2011 15:39   
Melbyn Dela Pena Innovator  Marketing
nice article... makes sense... go straight to the point.
Jan 13th 2011 17:05   
Linda Paulk Senior   Professional Internet Marketer
Great article! I am selling advertising packages and e-book courses. Some sell lotions, potions and pills. You have to advertise whatever you are selling, and yes, you need to show the product.
Jan 13th 2011 19:11   
R. Weatherly Magnate I   Business Professional
Good article, that's why I say traffic exchanges are a complete waste of time an energy.
Jan 13th 2011 20:48   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
@Rumruner41, your radical opinions are getting on my nerves.

Stop seeing things as black and white, please.

There's a reason we see new TEs appear just about every week, with better and better features : They work if we work them !

Using the splash pages provided by the owners of a site or product sure won't get you much result. You gotta create your own splash pages, to stand out from the crowd. I know, it's more work, and your splash page might not look as nice as the official ones. But keep at it, you'll get better and better and see better results.

That advice does not come from me, it comes from my friend Mark Hodgetts. Mark is an expert on TEs, he has years or experience using them.
Jan 13th 2011 20:57   
Pete Balasch Jr. Magnate I   Internet Marketer, Web Designer SEO
The Newer TE are going Social that's a Great Move. And John is Right folks are selling the Opportunity and not the products. If there is no good product what good is the Opportunity.
Jan 13th 2011 22:14   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Ordinary Guy
I'm sorry, but you can't argue with what works and if it didn't work, they would quit when they found out. The reason you keep seeing it, is because it does work for some of them. I have one opportunity I sell and the reason I don't focus on the product is everyone already buys it, so the opportunity is the only thing that makes want to buy from me. As long as it keeps working, you are not going to change my mind.
Jan 13th 2011 22:29   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
@Oldbuddy, as long as the product is legitimate and works, I don't really have a problem with what you're saying. I do hope the way you approach people stands out, else, you're not selling as many as you could, IMHO
Jan 13th 2011 22:48   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Ordinary Guy
@Philippe it's working and I only set one a month as my goal to do just fine. I need to leave a few for someone else to sell, I don't want to get greedy.
Jan 13th 2011 22:54   
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