Why it is so Important to Surround Yourself With Positive People.

by Joseph Botelho Investing One Gram at a Time

October 24, 2007

Why it is so Important to Surround Yourself With Positive People.

The reason this is so important by putting yourself with people who have skills, success and most of all self-esteem that we as humans seek. I would never ask yourself too change but consider this, how often do you and your buddies hang around and criticize circumstances in life, rather then going out and being more constructive about it.

We have all heard this before misery loves company, l do really and honestly believe this a fact of life. If you and the people you hang around with spend so much time commiserating over this about how poor life is and what a raw deal you have been dealt. Then l would think it is about time you surround yourself with more positive people in your life and for them negative people you do love and have feelings for, try this influence them with your new found positive thinking..

Positive behavior is going to create positive behavior in return for your efforts. Never forget that they will always be people who will resist this change at every turn. They will do everything to blackmail you into spending more time considering what their life is about than your own.

What l always remind myself and you should also is that your are under no obligation what so ever to serve or help people who cannot help themselves. We are always going to encounter rude people every day who will have an affect on their own moods and lower their self esteem. Think and found your way around obstacles, and you are already on your way to being successful.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho

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Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thank you for the Tops with out any comments..................sounds good l think, what do you think...
Oct 29th 2007 15:51   
Pete Balasch Jr. Magnate I   Internet Marketer, Web Designer SEO
You are Right who can work with a Moaner and Complainer ?
I try to encourage People to call me be for they join my Program.
And if they whine about things I tell them to join someone else
one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

I don't need folks like that on my Team
Oct 29th 2007 16:09   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thank you Peter,

I have a hard time working with them types also......................makes life very unrewarding at times but how it easy we can decide who we will work with in life it is our decission after all.
Oct 29th 2007 16:17   
Wendy Senior   
It is terribly difficult to work with others that are constantly negative. You can't seem to make them happy no matter how hard you try

They certainly do a great a job of bringing you down to their level.

Hence I have to search for people with positive happy attitudes

Ones who can dream about the future and not complain about it


Oct 31st 2007 23:32   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
You are so right Wendy, and think most people have the same thoughs on this issue, by the way your your business center looks great nice job............good work Wendy
Nov 1st 2007 09:21   
Jeunelle F. Professional   Retail
I have been studying this Topic with the words Positivity and negativity for a long time.

I must say that I am somewhat disappointed with some of the responses I hear from others about this Topic.

It seems that most people in my view want to be over on the side of positivity without realising
the reason for negativity.

This type of denial is something that really makes me wonder.

God said he made good and bad, so the two are necessary in creation.

But what I keep hearing is "I don't want to work with negative people or situations."

How the heck do you expect any growth or transformation?

It simply builds character if you know how to harness it.

In my personal life, I have worked with lots of negative people and positive people
but with negative people I can distinguish my likes and dislikes a lot faster.

The reality sets in faster for me when I deal with negative people.

I am able to see black and white clearer.

I harness it by strengthening my likes and weakening my dislikes.

One is up and the other is down on the scale but they both make a complete man or woman.

I have come to the conclusion that the word negative has become more of a taboo word.

A word that we don't want to discuss but every now and then it pops up
Nov 4th 2007 13:25   
Rae Steinbrink Advanced   
It isn't just about being "Positive" either, you want to surround yourself with people who know the meaning of working to get what they want, who appreciate the effort others put into the equation, but where I disagree with you is spending some time "helping" those that are not quite up to par with your achievements but you see they do want to move on. You cannot help some others in this way if you only surround yourself with "Positive" people. Sometimes it takes a little "coal dust" to find the "jewel".

Nov 4th 2007 13:50   
Coach Steve Toth Advanced   
Oh Yes,

I'm done just talking about this stuff because, information by itself doesn't make a difference.

What makes a difference is action, and this is why by tomorrow I will be deleting more then 80% so called my "FRIENDS" here at Apsense. You can can read about it here:

To Your Success,
Nov 4th 2007 14:10   
Jenny Stewart Professional   
Joseph, you have done it again. You have mentioned the "P" word!!

Until I started to spend time in Social networking communities, which being English Language, have a great North American influence, I had not come across the (dare I say it) mania for showing positivity. And this is not confined to north americans - so please guys dont take it wrongly - but "positivity" seems to have been developed to an art form on your side of the pond!

Jeunelle - your post is a breath of fresh air!! We cant go through life pretending the Negative doesn't exist. It is not only unrealistic, it is foolish. Without negative situations, we would rarely have positive change. When everything looks "positive" we can become complaisant, we can stop striving to improve.

It is not particularly healthy for us to surround ourselves with passive complainers and whiners all the time who take no action, but often a good sound comment on the negative side of a situation can be the spark that is needed to bring out the positive that is needed to change it.

If women had not reacted negatively to the unfair and unequal wage structures in many countries - they would not now have equal pay. The same applies with voting rights and many other protests. And they were equally interpreted as negative by some people at the time.

What we all need is a serious dosage of self confidence and then we do not need to be so concerned about negative influences in our lives.


Nov 4th 2007 14:27   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thank you all for sharing your comments with all that read it.

Asking is the beginning of receiving. Make sure you don't go to the ocean with a teaspoon. At least take a bucket so the kids won't laugh at you....

Rather true is it not................
Nov 4th 2007 15:41   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
It's Saturday nite, and l am bored so l decide to review most of the blogs and re read what some of the comments where this one caught my attention.

Why because to me we all have a choice in our lifes on what we do or who we hang around with the difference is nite and day. Yes l know what you mean Steve when you say your tired of hearing about this and time for action with this subject. It's not that easy to change that quickly, we think about it and then it comes to an end untlil we are reminded about it again.

I understand that auction we crue your fears about this and how you will be acceppted. You can lead a horse to water but will it drink that water, we have all heard this statement before hard to answer that question. Even if we make people listen or training under the right influence some with excel others will go back to the way they where.

When l wrote about surrounding yourslef with positive people it was meant to be a start for some of us, being around then and seening how they react was a lesson in itself. Was the first step in the right direction. If you do all the right stuff, listen to tapes, follow a program and do all you need to do and you go back to the same bunch of people guess what nothing is going to change with what you have learned bad habits is like trying to teach old dogs new tricks.................Yes it will work for some but most no a hope in you know where.............SO BY SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE ON A DAILY BASE WE OVER COME YOUR BAD HABITS and create a new person...................Why AA is so successfull no l am not a member just know the program.............Just happen when l was in London for the touranment for my son they had a convention for AA l spoke to many of them when l was having yes smoke bad habit, lspoke and asked them question they all thoughl was part of the program and what did l think of it so far............l told them hey l am here for a hockey tournament...........but l felt something from them and encourage them to stick this program and learn and live by it...............
Nov 10th 2007 18:10   
Nathan Ramsey Advanced   
My First Website
Dec 22nd 2007 21:53   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time

Not sure what to do with you...............copy and paste again............bad boy............
Dec 23rd 2007 23:23   
Rosaire Bachand Advanced   
Positive people will help raise your spirits, sometime we nee this, negative people will drag you down. It's just like if they cannot face success around them in anyway.

Mar 15th 2008 14:56   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Hi Rosaire,

Windsor, Ontario yes positive poeple have this incredible ability of over coming all that is headed their way and know how to deal without getting side trac, that is the key never looooooose your focus. It's all in how you think that will determine where you want to end up!!!!

Thanks for your input Rosaire....

Mar 17th 2008 22:15   
wedding Junior  
Thank you for accepting my request to become a part of this group. I love to write but have much room for improvement. It seems I get excited and have all these thoughts and ideas in my head and some times, I cannot get them on paper and or know how to connect them to our business.
Jul 22nd 2010 02:39   
John Stars Professional   
I agree-- you get back what you put out, so make sure its good!
Sep 28th 2010 05:51   
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