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Update Contents:
1 ~ Wireless Corporation > Chip Prototype
2 ~ Auto-Telephone Lead Calling Systems
3 ~ About Affiliate Upgrade-Plan Bonuses
4 ~ Private Trainings & General Meetings

The Wireless Corporation CPU / chip development Contract has now been locked up with a major chip manufacturer, with the development of proto-type chips required to run the mountainous terrain testing end of the Wireless systems well underway.

Although we're not authorized to disclose the name of this major chip manufacturer (for obvious security reasons), however, we can disclose that it is expected that the proto-type chip-sets will be ready for testing within the next 6 to 8 weeks.

With that said, and as long as the proto-type chip-sets work as they are suppose to, the projected time-table for the mountainous terrain signal testing will be within the month of July, 2007, with an expected testing time-table to take approximately two (2) months from the time the signal testing begins.

This puts a time-frame before us for as soon as the months of September or October this year for the mountainous terrain signal testing to be completed!

We will keep you updated with the date the new chip-set prototypes are completed, and, when the mountainous terrain testing has a hard scheduled date to commence and be completed.

Do realize, when this signal testing phase is done, we will be standing on the doorstep of launching the future of the Internet, with the ItsYourNet Affiliate members who have upgraded to the 3DNetAffiliate Upgrade-Plan Package being first out of the gate with the 10,000 banner credits per month they're stockpiling today!

And, YES! The 10,000 banner credits can add up really fast!

> Top Affiliate Recruiter, Mr. Robert Short, has over 340,000 Banner credits in the first month of this promotion alone! Imagine the millions of Banner credits he will have by the time we kick-off the advertising!

How many banner credits will you have Aaron?

Upgrading to 3DNetAffiliate is well worth just the 10,000 Banner monthly credits alone, so if you have been sitting on the fence Aaron, we highly recommend that you become a 3DNetAfiliate today!

Updates on the WiFiAffiliate and WiFiGoldAffiliate Upgrade Packages are that we are waiting on the final approval of the Splash Pages and Web sites before we open up these packages to all. We will announce the approval of the packages as soon as we have received it from the Wireless Corporation Attorney-team.

WIRELESS *QUESTIONS* - Thank you to all who are submitting questions to assist us in building the FAQs for you; questions can be submitted through our Support Ticket system at; keep them coming in!

Please remember that ItsYourNet is NOT the Wireless Corporation and no one at ItsYourNet is able, or authorized, to discuss the Wireless project via telephone, chat room, or e-mail, so please remember to submit any questions you have through the Support Ticket system only at

Many Affiliate members have been wanting and asking about our automated telephone lead-calling systems since we announced it was coming in a couple of General Conference Meetings back in February and March.

Well, we're just about there, and what a wonderful service it's going to be for all - Even better than we had expected!

ItsYourNet has now partnered with the Company that developed this automated telephone calling system, because it is a revolutionary new marketing tool that is perfect for small businesses and home-based business Entrepreneurs.

The software acts as a Customer Service Rep, Marketing Assistant and/or Telemarketer without having to pay the high costs of three salaries, or the thousands of dollars per month it normally costs to operate an automated telephone calling system.

Just imagine the advertising and marketing you can do with all those savings!

You will be generating leads while you're doing something else! This automated telephone calling system will save you hours upon hours of time and effort! By Voice Broadcasting your informational message, follow-up message, or what ever you need to send to 100's or 1000's of people, all right to their telephone.

As a small or home-based business owner, you will be able to do more than ever before, with very little effort, and it's a tool that can be used for no matter what business you're involved with and no matter where in the world you live!

All of the calls the system makes are to telephone numbers in Canada and the USA, so if you live outside of North America, you will now have the perfect low-cost automated telephone contact system to get people living in North America into your business with you!

The push is on right now with the intent to release this lead system to you next Thursday, May 17, 2007.

To help you understand all points of the systems, we will have the CEO of the Company in the General meeting next Thursday, May 17th as well.

Watch for an "Update" e-mail next Thursday to remind you to attend the call!

This is a repeat / reminder of the added-value bonuses announced in the April 12th Newsletter.

In addition to the future release of WiFiAffiliate and WiFiGoldAffiliate Upgrade-Plans, we have added another bonus to the 3DNetAffiliate Upgrade Plan.

This bonus is provided to all existing 3DNetAffiliate Upgrade-Plan holders, and, it's in addition to the $10.00 Bonus Reward currently available to FreeAffiliate members who have never upgraded before!

The added bonus details are as follows;

1) - Every Affiliate member who remains upgraded to the 3DNetAffiliate Plan from April 15, 2007 up until the Wireless services launch will receive a monthly credit for 10,000 Banner impressions.

2) - Every Affiliate member who remains upgraded to the 3DNetAffiliate Plan from now until the Wireless services launch will receive a monthly credit of 10,000 Banner impressions for every personally registered Affiliate member they have that is a 3DNetAffiliate Plan holder as well!

Because of the second-part to this bonus, this is how top Affiliate Recruiter, Mr. Robert Short, has over 340,000 Banner credits in the first month of this promotion alone!

This bonus has huge potential!

ItsYourNet's Corporate advertising of the Banners will be done on major Web sites like,,, etc. - All demographically targeted to the areas that the Wireless services go live.

This could provide you with a massive Affiliate organization and a huge monthly paycheck, literally overnight, when the Wireless project launches!

The way we will track your Banner ad credits when the time comes to deliver them is as follows:

1) - Once we know the exact day the Wireless services are going to launch, we will visit every 3DNetAffiliate's account to see how many months each Affiliate has remained Upgraded to the 3DNetAffiliate Plan

2) - For every month you have remained Upgraded to the 3DNetAffiliate Plan we will credit 10,000 Banner ad impressions on a spreadsheet to you

3) - We will then look at each 3DNetAffiliate's genealogy to see how many personally registered 3DNetAffiliate's they have, count how many months back each one has been a 3DNetAffiliate, and credit another 10,000 Banner ad impressions to you per month that they have been a 3DNetAffiliate.

4) - ItsYourNet will then purchase 10s of millions of Banner ad impression blocks to be shown on countless Web sites that receive massive traffic, notify all Affiliates that the bonus offer is over, and have everything setup and ready for launch a minimum of 15-days before the Wireless services go live.

5) - You will then be contacted with details on how many Banner ad impression credits you have accumulated and be given access to a personalized ad impression counter to show you how many credits are arriving at your Affiliate site Wireless page every day.

EXAMPLE ONE: if the Wireless services were to launch 5-months from now, and you are a 3DNetAffiliate from now until that day, you will have 50,000 Banner ad impressions all ready to go in ItsYourNet's Corporate advertising of the Wireless services!

EXAMPLE TWO: if the Wireless services were to launch 5-months from now, and you are a 3DNetAffiliate from now until that day with 10 personally registered 3DNetAffiliate members from now until that day, you will have a total of 500,000 (1/2 million) Banner ad impressions credited to you from your personally registered 3DNetAffiliate members, plus the 50,000 Banner ad impressions earned from being a 3DNetAffiliate as well, all ready to go in ItsYourNet's Corporate advertising of the Wireless services!

This is an incredibly easy and low-cost way for all ItsYourNet Affiliates to build-up their advertising budget over the months to come through our Co-Op advertising method, and be at the front-of-the-pack when the Wireless services go live!

- This offer will be extended to any of the other Upgrade-Plans released between now and the launch of the Wireless services.

- You must be a 3DNetAffiliate (or higher) Upgrade-Plan holder on the day we cancel this offer in order to be counted and receive the Banner ad impression credits.

- No prior notice of this offer ending can be provided. All ItsYourNet Affiliates, system-wide, will be notified of the Wireless services launch day after this offer has been canceled.

In order to facilitate this bonus offer, and allow time to tally up how many banner ad credits each 3DNetAffiliate has accumulated, this offer will end 30-days before the Wireless services are scheduled to launch, and the Banner ad impressions will begin 15-days later, so don't delay, get Upgraded to 3DNetAffiliate TODAY!

There will be a "General Meeting" in ItsYourNet's Conference Ce

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