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Joined APSense since, May 18th, 2007, From Leicester, United Kingdom.
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About Bj aka Bill

I am straight to the point. Ask me a question be prepared for an honest no hold barred answer. Being service oriented I do my best to help others, and so I will not just give answers to your questions, if I se something wrong I will tell you it is wrong and very importantly I will make suggestions on how to put the errors right.
Note I say suggestions, that is because you will hold the decision to implement my suggestions or not.

I have been on the Internet since 1998 I am co owner of
We are independent (not a reseller) and run our own servers and employ our own server management team, to supplement our knowledge thus keeping your website on line and operational.)
Don't get wiped out and lose your clients get your Site and databases backed up daily completely automatic.

I am the creator, designer, and writer of the LCW Splash Page Promotion Tool.

and author of the ebook "The Vital Tools"
Get your copy FREE at
Learn Why and How to Set up and Use Auto Responders, Capture Pages, and Ad Trackers To your Advantage.

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Last updated 12 November 2014


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Recommendations for Bj aka Bill

Coach Steve Toth Advanced  
BJ very nicely done. I wish you the very best personal and business success. To Your Success,
Jan Meyntjes Advanced  
Your site is well designed.Certainly an eye catcher and I am glad to have competition around here. Your product selection is also great and I wish you all the best in your endeauvours.
Jussi Koiranen Freshman  
From TS25 I remember youo being straight to the point and a real worker. In Finnish we have a lot better word for that, meaning a person that gets things done, but I don't know any equivalents for it in English. More Success to you and points for the very good looking Business Center
Ariela Gonzalez Advanced  
Hi BJ, it's a great help reading you. I am going to read all your posts because they are very helpful especially for a newbie like me. I've reading your bio too and it's amazing all the things you've done in your life, interesting, good for you. I also wanted to congratulate you for this friendly place which is Apsense. I want to learn al about it. Thank you again and best regards
Alvin Johnson Senior  
Bill has been a real service and has helped me in a cordial manner to remain within the guidelines of the Apsense communications resources. Although his advice is given in a respectful and friendly manner, he is effectively efficient in correcting my mistakes or errors. Bill I thank you for your assists.

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