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Bj aka Bill Brown Magnate I     Hosting and Backup Service provider

Joined APSense since, May 18th, 2007, From Leicester, United Kingdom.
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About Bj aka Bill

I am straight to the point. Ask me a question be prepared for an honest no hold barred answer. Being service oriented I do my best to help others.

I have been on the Internet since 1998 I am co owner of
We are independent (not a reseller) and run our own servers and employ our own server management team, to supplement our knowledge thus keeping your website on line and operational.)
Don't get wiped out and lose your clients get your Site and databases backed up daily completely automatic.

I am the creator, designer, and writer of the LCW Splash Page Promotion Tool.

and author of the ebook "The Vital Tools"
Get your copy FREE at
Learn Why and How to Set up and Use Auto Responders, Capture Pages, and Ad Trackers To your Advantage.

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Recommendations for Bj aka Bill

Thea Westra Professional  
Hi there Bill. It's about time I visited here. Have been a little 'otherwise occupied' lately. Love your Business Center. Very professionally put together. Great job. Funny...just noticed, you picked the same template that I used! :) Namaste, Thea
Dave Shinn Professional  
I just want to thank you Bill for all your help in setting up my Apsense Site..I am not finished yet but don`t know what I would do with out your help. Thanks, Dave
Fred Mugone Magnate I  
Bjantiques, I like your no holds barred and blunt sense of honesty. You have helped a lot of people (myself included) to use apsense the right way. You remind us repeatedly that we should concentrate on networking and branding ourselves and that the money will only come after that. You truly add value to apsense
Jeff Greene Committed  
I enjoyed reading your profile and your business center is an excellent representation and example for all... I wish you the very best in Life and Business! I hope that one day I'll get to visit Belgium- The home of some of the best beer on Earth, fine chocolates, and people with a enchanting sense of humour! :)
Sean North Professional  
Bj I love your no nonsense no holds barred commenting and your endeavours to prevent Apsense becoming a spammers paradise I alway look forward to your posts

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