Why Apsense Removed Chat Features?

Asked by Julia J., in Others


Alisha Perry Advanced  A Blogger
I also want to know answer of this question. Can anyone explain me?
Oct 18th 2018 06:52   
Wincer Song Magnate II Deluxe Founder
Sometime wrong with our chatting system. It will be recovery after we solve the problem.
Oct 18th 2018 10:28   
On Vent Senior   Profitable Online Ventures
Can we have better search functions for articles & all the other things around here?
Oct 18th 2018 12:08   
Eliza Amelia Senior  Astrum Granite
I also want to know answer of this question. Can anyone explain me?
Oct 18th 2018 14:02   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
There is a place to enter your Skype contact in your profile, so who needs it?
Oct 18th 2018 19:00   
SIVAKUMARY RAMANATHUPILLAI Committed  Affiliate Marketing
Till I saw this question I didn't notice it. May be upgrading. It will be available. However, none of us use the chat or we hardly use the chat. Any site adds a function, which is useful to its users.
Oct 19th 2018 01:24   
Digital Marketing Services India Professional  Online Marketing Professional
very sad to remove the chat option
Oct 19th 2018 02:04   
Guillermo V. Committed   Musician
Why Apsense Removed Chat Features? I have no IDEA
Oct 19th 2018 10:30   
Robert Sanders Advanced   President CEO
Well the Skype option is a good alternative. Perhaps to may were abusing the option and they need to figure out controls.
Oct 19th 2018 22:20   
Nil’s Tyre Services Innovator  Auotomotive
I also don't know answer of this question. but there is many options.
Oct 25th 2018 05:53   
Roman S. Committed   Business Creativity Mentor
Did anybody ask someone from Apsense staff about chat features?
Oct 26th 2018 07:29   
Sridhar Paruchuri Professional   Web Strategist
As Wincer Song told, They are facing some problem with the chat option. Once they Solve the problem being faced, It will be back. Let us hope it will be back soon.
Oct 30th 2018 02:21   
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