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Everyone here wants extra money, right?

If you don't have an account with Apsense yet, that's a great place to start. It gives you somewhere to start making contacts without needing a website of your own or dealing with hosting issues. Just set up a business center like this and tell your own story.

However, after a few years online, I finally figured out that not everyone is comfortable with promoting, which means they don't get referrals for all these money making programs they end up joining, so they don't make any money and QUIT. That led me to discover the value of a simple showcase like Oldbuddy.info

It simplifies the process, since you can just give them one link, or put it on your profile where they can find it. After all, you can set up a nice website for dozens of programs and maintain it for less than a couple of dollars a month, including registering your own domain name. I can show you how to add extra splash pages to it in a few minutes, with free tools you can download online.

I can't even imagine how my retirement years would be without the Internet! What did people do before this amazing resource was here?

Have fun and enjoy the ride,

Warren Contreras
(503)985-8402 Pacific Time

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When thinking about who I should give a recommendation to, I didn't have to think very long at all. There were several that are absolutely worthy, so please don't take it personally. The Guy may be Old and Retired, but we shouldn't hold that against him. He does tons for his online colleagues and is well versed in the workings of what he does online. Whatever Warren is doing or offering, be sure he's done his homework. Most of us could learn a great deal from him. I'm an absolute fan.
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oldbuddy tutorial 8 likes Websites - Internet & eBusiness - oldbuddy.angryhosting.com I have had this website for decades, mostly to prove to newbies that it does not require a huge investment to be online without resorting to free web hosting and the restrictions that come with it. It not only pays for itself, but earns for me. Make a Recommendation-free! (netboard.me)THINK GLOBAL
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