Which one is better Loose Chamomile Tea or green tea ?

Asked by Riya Oberoi, in Food & Drink


Rahul Shakya Freshman  SEOs
green tea is better than tea.
Jan 14th 2019 05:33   
indian money Advanced  Financial advisors,Health insurance
Green tea is better than Loose Chamomile Tea
Jan 14th 2019 05:40   
Nicholas Welch Freshman  Marketing Consultant
Green Tea is better than tea.
Jan 14th 2019 06:07   
Anurag Singh Committed  Online Marketing
Chamomile is an herbal tea. It does not provide caffeine like black tea or green tea, so Chamomile Tea is better than green tea.
Jan 14th 2019 07:09   
Digital Marketing Services India Professional  Online Marketing Professional
green tea is better than tea
Jan 14th 2019 14:28   
Marketa H. Advanced  Web from Home
you cannot compare it - two different thngs for differend health needs - green tea has antioxidants, can also lower your blood pressure, chamomille is used long time as folk remedy - soothing, against pain, blood sugar....
Jan 14th 2019 15:14    Edited in Jan 14th 2019 15:19
Mobile App Developers Innovator  Mobile App Developers in UK
Green tea is one of the most popular types of tea on the market,
Jan 15th 2019 00:51   
David Giani Advanced   Executive Chef
Green Tea, with ginger and lemon it will help to get better if you get a flu!
Jan 15th 2019 02:04   
Butterfly Residential Freshman  Real Estate
Obviously Green Tea.
Jan 15th 2019 02:19   
Generator D. Advanced  Diesel Generator
Chamomile is scented tea, which has the function of clearing away heat and relieving heat; green tea is a kind of tea, which has the function of awaking brain and refreshing, diuresis, relieving fatigue, and there are many kinds of subdivision, such as Xihu Longjing Tea, Biluochun and so on. See what you want to taste, or mix it up.
Jan 15th 2019 02:34   
Thẩm mỹ Da mặt Freshman  Doctor
Green tea for sure man
Jan 15th 2019 04:09   
Rajeev S. Junior  Digital Marketing Executive
Green tea is better Chamomile Tea
Jan 15th 2019 05:04   
Olivia Joe Junior  Dr
Green Tea better than tea
Jan 15th 2019 06:27   
Rob Thomas Freshman  Digital marketing analyst and blogger outreach exp
Of course, the Green Tea is better.
Jan 15th 2019 08:10   
Carlos Silva Magnate I   Affiliate Commissionist - Entertain and Biz
Chamomile is great, because calm you, help you to sleep, and with a very nice taste! Certainly you will like too. I drink it every night.
Jan 15th 2019 10:42   
Jack Tucker Advanced  IT Support Engineer
Green Tea is always better for health
Jan 15th 2019 12:09   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
Long Island Iced Tea
Jan 15th 2019 18:15   
Black White Innovator  Press Release Submission
In China, Loose Chamomile Tea is better than the green tea, in China, people said Loose Chamomile Tea make body "Burning down", anyway, it is better for health.
Jan 15th 2019 23:48   
Isabel Blamey Advanced  Professional writer
Obviously Green tea. It has lots of health benefits like heart benefits, lower cholesterol, Stroke risk, diabetes and many more.
Jan 16th 2019 01:15   
Nguyen Linh Freshman  Trám răng thẩm mỹ
1 vote for green tea
Jan 16th 2019 01:19   
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