Which is the best category for a blogger to earn Huge Amount?

Asked by Shahzaib Malik, in Internet & eBusiness

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Jack Buttler Junior  Traveler
Always for your interest
Feb 15th 2021 05:46   
Prysm Systems Innovator  Best LPD 6K Digital Video Wall Display
For My experience Guest posting in the technology, finance, and business category is best for the blogger to earn more money.
Feb 16th 2021 04:10   
Search Marketing Experts Freshman  Professional SEO Services in USA - Search Marketin
Technology, and Medical Category is the best for blogger to earn money
Feb 16th 2021 16:33   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II Pro   Better World Partisan
"You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off of you." (Maya Angelou)
Feb 17th 2021 05:29   
Cacey Taylor Committed  Affiliate Marketing Professional
The best category would be to follow your heart. Many folks will choose to follow what might make them the most money. If you choose a niche that you love, people will notice and you will actually enjoy making money in it.
Feb 17th 2021 20:38   
ACORN G. Freshman  Air and Sea Freight Company
The best category would be to follow your heart.Always for your interest
Feb 17th 2021 23:54   
Sugam Kumar Advanced  Digital Marketing Executive
Technology, Education and Health Category is the best approach for blogger to earn money.
Feb 17th 2021 23:59   
Vaibhav Maheshwari Advanced  SEO Specialists
if you got the answer pls share it with me!!!
Feb 18th 2021 00:28   
jacob Batalon Freshman  health adviser
health and tech blog
Feb 18th 2021 04:03   
Ahmad Arsad Abdullah Advanced   (EA) Executive Affiliate SFI
whatever you good at
Feb 18th 2021 05:31   
Dhara Ais Innovator  Digital Marketing
8 Popular Blogs Driving Traffic and Making Money.
Sewing. Sewing and knitting is a HUGE niche on Pinterest. ...
Parenting Blog. Parenting is a profitable niche and one of the popular blogs new bloggers can start. ...
Health. ...
Lifestyle. ...
Frugal Living. ...
Home Decor. ...
Feb 19th 2021 03:14   
Web Curator Senior  Content Publishing
Content that pays well in cost per action as well as impressions is anything that has to do with showing people how to budget money for savings or investing.
Feb 19th 2021 20:36   
Randell M. Advanced   Entrepreneur
There are lots of niches that can make big money, but there are many things to consider and get right, it's not just about the niche. But Software Or Platforms like APSense would be my answer, a blog that reviews and makes courses on the software it reviews. This could also be packaged as a membership like blog, with free courses and premium memberships to access advanced courses. While still possibly gaining affiliate commissions from the sale of the software initially. Software/platforms more often than not has recurring commissions, so you can potentially earn a lot more. Software is also high value in the ad world so you can potential earn more revenues. Plus all the while you will be building a high value list on your membership site.
Mar 7th 2021 07:13    Edited in Mar 7th 2021 07:42
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