Which is better focus or intention?

Asked by Web Curator, in Business
intended plan or to concentrate on effort

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michael bedwell Freshman  Digital Marketer
Soft focus can take in a wider field. Either way, focus happens in the here and now and can feel static, especially compared to intention. Intention is a thing intended; an aim or plan. To intend is to have a course of action as one's purpose or objective.
Feb 20th 2021 23:35   
Kazi Tanzib Advanced  Forex Trading Analyst
The focus will be the best choice I guess!
Feb 22nd 2021 07:23   
Jack Bosma Freshman   ***
Focus is the best choice since the audience is the primary consideration and the effort should be focused on the audience.
Feb 23rd 2021 09:31   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
Haha! Even the best intentions are of no value if they are not acted upon. Stay focussed on your goals and work towards them....without giving up
Feb 24th 2021 11:06   
~ Neila ~ S. Advanced   Freelancer, Blogger, Web Designer,
Intention and focus are mutually dependent. Without the intention to reach a special goal (and a plan) all focus is void. - So, intention must be there first, then you can focus on that, and make constant effort to reach your intended goal.
Feb 24th 2021 12:58   
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