Which country do you want to go to?

Asked by Kashish Tiwari, in Others


Ruhan Roy Junior  Educational Course
Europe, very good place
Jun 29th 2020 00:55   
Rainbow Financial Junior  Rainbow Financial Group
USA Its amazing palace for study
Jun 29th 2020 06:39   
Roger Dann Junior  Roofing Contractor in West Covina
Kenya.. as you know obviously for Masai Mara
Jun 29th 2020 09:49   
Amit Tiwari Advanced  SEM/Digital Marketing Expert
USA, Great place for study.
Jun 29th 2020 11:51   
Tyler Roberts Junior  Content Creator
Russia is very cool in my opinion
Jun 29th 2020 23:40   
Ha Kim Thiu Junior  Marketing Specialist
Right now, it's Japan because of the food, culture and scenery.

I'm a photography enthusiast and the culture/landscape of India and Iran also appeals to me. But my ultimate bucket list would be somewhere in Western Europe.
Jun 30th 2020 03:09   
John Watson Freshman  Book your flights and make dream come true
Singapore, my dream place.
Jun 30th 2020 05:17   
Đặng Điệp Advanced  Nhân viên bán hàng
Viet Nam, Very Good. The most livable place in the world
Jun 30th 2020 05:49   
kavish insa Committed   Web Developer
Australia. my dream country
Jun 30th 2020 07:15   
Feyi Ayo Innovator   Digital marketer
Canada my dream country
Jun 30th 2020 07:23   
Hari om Agrawal Advanced  Retired engineer & websites owner
India. India has a diverse culture, many languages, many faiths, and allows everyone to follow them as per their conscious. In spite of all this diversity, it is the largest democracy of the world.
Jul 2nd 2020 00:10   
Dave Chan Advanced  Consultant
I want to go to the USA.
Jul 2nd 2020 05:20   
Pinky Singh Freshman  women health
USA and want to see desny land so
Jul 4th 2020 03:03   
Agnes Smith Junior  Blogger
Europe, it is wonderful place
Jul 9th 2020 05:17   
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