What country do you want to visit and why?

Asked by Nita Sharma, in Others

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Mason Plumlee Junior  Mason Plumlee NBA
Switzerland. ...For nice Whether.
Jun 29th 2020 00:56   
Sonali S. Freshman  Live in the sunshine where you belong.
Want to travel to Japan For it's beautiful scenery and of course Anime ;p.
Jun 29th 2020 02:32   
Sofie Conway Freshman  Marketing Strategy
I want to travel to India because it is a beautiful country.
Jun 29th 2020 03:52   
Timothy Rebell Junior  Reload Physio
I want to travel India because i like the culture of india.
Jun 29th 2020 04:20   
Jimm Smiith Innovator  Business
I want to travel to India because it is a beautiful country.
Jun 29th 2020 04:32   
Bruce F. Senior  Entrepreneur
I want to go skiing in Bulgaria & Romania
Jun 29th 2020 04:41   
cong tt Innovator  làm biển quảng cáo
Japan, because it is a beautiful country
Jun 29th 2020 05:11   
Guillermo V. Professional   Musician
What country do you want to visit and why? I wn
ant to visit Italy to meet the Pope
Jun 29th 2020 09:19   
Leonor C. Senior   Marketing
To the country without coronavirus
Jun 29th 2020 10:57   
George B. Junior  New Ethereum Smart Contract Spillover Business Opp
Italy because of the food
Jun 29th 2020 16:00   
Carlos Silva Magnate I   Affiliate Commissionist - Entertain and Biz
Firstly, mine, Portugal ... secondly .... Portugal. I don't like airplains, coronavirus, and we can't trust on "fake humans". I know there are good and solidary human beens, but also the dark side. For the other side, my health is not very well, I prefer Be at Home!! Enjoy your trip (but take care with the invisible Covid).
Jun 30th 2020 01:14   
Rohit Sharma Committed  Internet Marketer
To the country without coronavirus
Jun 30th 2020 01:49   
Ha Kim Thiu Junior  Marketing Specialist
Right now, it's Japan because of the food, culture and scenery.

I'm a photography enthusiast and the culture/landscape of India and Iran also appeals to me. But my ultimate bucket list would be somewhere in Western Europe.
Jun 30th 2020 02:09   
Emma Justine Advanced  Web Designer
If you’re looking for a slightly off-the-beaten path vacation this year, consider Jordan. One of the safest countries in the Middle East, Jordan is home to the incredible lost city of Petra. Head to the lowest point on earth and float in the Dead Sea and then experience the stark landscape of the Wadi Rum desert – go skydiving over the desert canyons or stay in a Bedouin camp.
Jun 30th 2020 04:12   
Science Editorium Junior  The science editorium
I want to visit New york
Jun 30th 2020 04:26   
Vegan Culinary Cruises Freshman  Luxury – All Inclusive – All Vegan
Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, and the Wachau Valley..
Jun 30th 2020 09:16   
NetLeaf Software Advanced   NetLeaf Software
I want to visit America
Jul 1st 2020 00:28   
Ruhi Sen Advanced  Digital Marketing Company
I want to travel to India because it is a beautiful country.
Jul 1st 2020 00:32   
Alex Carter Advanced  Mechanic Assistant
Thailand, for the special culture and nice people
Jul 1st 2020 00:54   
Rayanne M. Advanced  Writer
I want to visit Bali because of the beautiful scenery and culture.
Jul 1st 2020 10:33   
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