What will i do with Credits ?

Asked by Akbar A., in Internet & eBusiness
I am getting credits but i do not know that what will i do with these credits Can someone guide ?

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Vivek Shukla Innovator  Digital Marketer with 3 Yrs of Exp.
You can do the promotion of your content....
Apr 5th 2019 14:31   
Sangeeta Bisvas Freshman  web designer
Will I be able to use the credit for anything in the Google Play store? The credit can be used to purchase any app, game, movie, TV show, magazine or music that is found in Google Play. The credit can also be used for in-app purchases. The credits do expire one year from when the credit was applied to your account
Apr 6th 2019 00:26   
Olayinka Oyelami Magnate I   About Me
You can use the credits to start a campaign for the promotion of your products and services.
Apr 6th 2019 08:48   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
You can stretch your credits by watching for a Daily Mission to start a campaign. Start a campaign for any of your ApSense Links setting Max Clicks to 10 and Bid On Click to 10 which costs you 100 Credits, but you get 80 Credits back for fulfilling the Daily Mission.
Apr 6th 2019 10:36   
Henner K. Innovator  Consultant
I use it for promotion
Apr 6th 2019 15:34   
Sridhar Paruchuri Professional   Web Strategist
You can use credits for promotions of your business on apsense.
Apr 7th 2019 02:14   
saggara o. Senior  saga
You can use it for promotion
Apr 7th 2019 14:34   
Sarah Tan Professional  Sales Manager
You can use it for the promotion of your your products and services.
Apr 8th 2019 02:09   
Rob H. Senior  Cut Price Skips
In addition, any student in danger of receiving less than full credit will be notified in ... receive an Academic Warning and may be required to take a Leave of Absence. ... only 12 credits so they can enroll in a language or other course for credit.
Apr 8th 2019 05:05   
Carmen sofia Malinescu Magnate I   affiliate marketing
You can use the credits to start a campaign for the promotion of your products and services.
May 8th 2019 13:07   
Akbar A. Committed   teacher
Sangeeta Bisvas but these things are available in free already
May 8th 2019 19:22   
Akbar A. Committed   teacher
Olayinka Oyelami ,Sarah Tan and Carmen sofia Malinescu i do not have any product or services
May 8th 2019 19:28   
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