What are the most important Google ranking factors?

Asked by Tariq Idrees, in Internet & eBusiness
Hello All, Please tell me, What are the most important Google ranking factors? Thanks


Franto Hruz Magnate I Pro   - More Value for Our Team Members
Quality back links, popularity of site & high value content updated frequently ...
Mar 30th 2018 03:16   
Nexus Media Solution Freshman  Web Designing,SEO,SMO,Digital Marketing Service Pr
Real Do follow Back links Not Auto Generated .
Search Description Of Your Site.
Original Content on Your Site.
Mar 30th 2018 03:22   
Abstract Softweb Freshman  Mobile Apps and Website Development
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Mar 30th 2018 03:39   
Cymetrix Software Innovator  Salesforce Partners in USA
Important Google Ranking Factors as follows:

Domain Age
Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain
Keyword As First Word in Domain
Keyword in Title Tag
Keyword in Description Tag
Keyword Appears in H1 Tag
Keyword Density
Mar 30th 2018 04:04   
Mary Wu Innovator  marywu
keyword ranking DA PA
Mar 30th 2018 04:43   
Semmi Wilson Advanced  Love to Eat And Travel
Keyword Density
Keyword Competence
Keyword Prominence
Mar 30th 2018 04:52   
Top Healthy Chat Innovator  Health & Beauty
Webpage content quality.
Webpage content length.
Social signals.
Quality backlinks.
Keyword Density
Mar 30th 2018 04:55   
Talent Magnifier Advanced  Job Oriented Practical Training Institute
Quality backlinks...
Mar 30th 2018 07:57   
Mina ibrow Henna Advanced  Buy Mina Ibrow Henna Online
1. create a good backlink
2. unique content
3. The popularity of the site
4. social media update
Mar 31st 2018 00:48   
Andy Cheng Advanced  Director
create good backlinks and have healthy social media engagement.
Mar 31st 2018 10:15   
Nikkia Hewston Junior  Home Designer
Keywords based content and quality banklinks
Mar 31st 2018 13:26   
Rakesh Chopra Professional  Digital Marketer
AMP pages, Quality content, Mobile friendly and Quality backlinks.
Apr 1st 2018 10:25   
Ayoub B. Freshman  SEO
Concentrate on super high quality backlinks..that's only what it matters whatever they tell you just hace a link building strategy and you will compete the highest ranked website
Apr 1st 2018 10:39   
Hai Le Advanced  I'm Marketer
Từ khoá đầu tiên trong tên miền
Từ khóa trong Tiêu đề Thẻ
Từ khoá xuất hiện trong tên miền Cấp cao nhất
Từ khoá trong Mô tả
Từ khóa Xuất hiện trong H1 Thẻ
Backlink chất lượng cao
Apr 1st 2018 21:22   
Service ICO Junior  List of ICO Promotion & Marketing Services
Proper on-page optimization according Google's guidelines & generate quality high authority back links for the website.
Apr 2nd 2018 01:14   
Kanika Goyal Professional   Online Consumer Forum
Quality content with quality backlinks.
Apr 2nd 2018 01:43   
Dinesh Shukla Committed  Manager Digital Marketing
Unique content with relevant and quality back-links
Apr 2nd 2018 01:45   
Azhar Uddin Advanced  Technical Architect
Keyword density, Unique content with LSI keywords in it.
Apr 2nd 2018 02:39   
Dr. John Oda Advanced  Dr. John Oda Motivational Speaker
4 Most Important Ranking Factors:
1. Content
2. Backlinks
3. Mobile-First User Experience
4. Other Technical Factors
Apr 2nd 2018 03:31   
My Supplements Era Freshman  Health, Fitness & Wellness
Top dofollow Sites:-
1. content
2.quilty of backlinks
3.keyword density
Apr 2nd 2018 04:50   
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