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About Ayojide

Hi, I am Ayojide, an Information Solutions Service Provider, A Digital Marketer, A Trained Systems Hardware Analyst and Finance Expert, Studied Agricultural Economics.

This is a Resourceful Web portal for Business,Web developers,Promoters,Internet Visionaries and entrepreneurs.

It provides tips, information and strategies for Solutions in Business, Web development, Social media, Traffic, Advertising, Blogging, General Marketing, E-commerce and Branding. Working on my Simple Site Blog at http://Blog.Aysynergy.com

I aim at providing quality and informative resources for online and offline Business activities, e-commerce solutions and information technology.

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Improving my simple site skills, Marketing, Learning and Exercising.....hehe..

Thanks for reading ..... :)

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Keith Frame Professional  
I know Ayojide for quite a while now, and I know that he has a bright future in becoming a successful entreprenuer.

Recommendation on Experiences: IT Hardware Consultant, University of Ilorin
AJLA SPAHIC Professional  
Heat of man is knowledge, knowledge is connected with a special talent is a lot more. Ayomide Buremoh has incredible talent that leads him to success.

Recommendation on Haves: My Blog and website
Buremoh Oluwagbenga(guuse) Innovator  
The common currency of all social networking sites is the personal connection, but one of the things that makes LinkedIn different is the professional focus. The intention is that the folks you are linked to should be able to say something about your work––and vice versa.

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SEOandHOST SEO-SEM Professional
A googd blogger who shares very useful inmfroamation

Recommendation on Experiences: Bloglog Profile, Bloglog Profile
Rodica L. Committed
Ayojide is a good person and a great business owner! Based on his experience and resources, I recommend him gladly.

Recommendation on Haves: My Blog and website

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