The Worries Relating To Bald Tyres ?

Asked by Steve Slattery Cars, in Automotive

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Sheppy Smith Junior   A2 Tyre Supplies
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Nov 4th 2022 04:51   
Rishi Sinha Advanced  Health & Medical
Bald tires are risky to drive
Nov 4th 2022 05:17   
Cristina Talon Freshman  cristinatalon
Bald tires are risky to drive on for two reasons - they're more susceptible to punctures, and they no longer have adequate tread depth to channel water from under the tread. Which means that, when it rains or snows you may lose traction
Nov 8th 2022 01:28   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
I suppose the biggest worry is dying?
Nov 8th 2022 11:40   
Sparklease Inc. Junior  多伦多二手车
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Nov 18th 2022 07:16   
Channel Technologies Freshman  Marketing Agency
Balder the tires, riskier to drive
Nov 26th 2022 01:03   
Ayan Auto Junior  Car Service Tooting
it's dangerous to Drive With Bald Tyres
Dec 12th 2022 07:10   
Abdi T. Junior  I'm a software engineer who has a b
Bold tires a dangerous to drive during this
Dec 20th 2022 16:03   
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