Should Spacex program continue?

Asked by Bahco AU, in Environment
Should Spacex program continue? Some report said its not good for ozone layer. What do you think?

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Wendle Fong Magnate II   Chickpeas
Yes. What are they waiting for?
Feb 3rd 2019 23:37   
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Yes, I enjoyed this program.
Feb 5th 2019 00:50   
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Yes this program should continued.
Feb 8th 2019 03:50   
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Should Spacex program continue? Some report said its not good for ozone layer. What do you think?
Jun 15th 2019 04:43   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
Just sounds like propaganda to me

Spacex should continue but only if they make a profit
Jun 15th 2019 04:55   
Sanjeev Kumar Innovator  Private Detective Agency in Delhi
I think yes, be counter sound on this
Jun 15th 2019 07:53   
Urban Wildlife Control Advanced  Wild animal trapping and Pest Control services in
Since then,the company has continued to impress, launching unmanned cargo vehicles
Jun 16th 2019 23:47   
Akash Sharma Freshman  Akash Sharma
First and foremost, we need to make sure of the truth of this information, since in general the project itself is interesting and will undoubtedly give a new future for the inhabitants of the planet earth. But in general, it seems to me that mankind has already found a lot of ways how to destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere, so it will not be worse.
Aug 26th 2019 04:39   
Akbar A. Committed   teacher
yes it should be continue
Sep 29th 2019 16:18   
Boyd Martin Advanced  How Quantum Physics Does Health
There's really no point. Once Disclosure has revealed the massive extent of a secret space program that has already been going to the stars for nearly 50 years, we'll all have a chance at a Star Trek era.
Jan 24th 2020 18:32   
United Airlines Reservation Online Advanced  United Airlines Cheap Tickets | 43% Off Flight Tic
Yes this program should continued.
Jan 31st 2020 05:29   
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