Is anyone really making money with SFI? Should I stay or should I go?

Asked by Claire R., in Affiliate Marketing


Magic Man Senior   Cell Phone Expert
I tried SFI for a short time. It did not work for me. So I moved on. It has been running for a long time so it might still be a good program, but i was not successful with it.
Jun 12th 2012 16:20   
Claire R. Senior  Webeneur & Online Shop Owner
Thank you for your feedback Magic Man. I have been with them since February and have yet to see real results; Perhaps I have not given it long enough yet, I don't know. They do provide some great training though, which I have been able to put to use in Affiliate Marketing in general. Perhaps I will give it a little longer.
Jun 12th 2012 18:13   
Frans Ubbing Advanced   Marketer
I think after 3 mnd and NO results ..forget it and move on.
Jun 12th 2012 20:51   
Judy Perez Freshman  Project Manager
its really hard if you don't have money to start with. I have been with sfi for almost a year but i haven't got anything yet. If you purchase at triple click, you'll earn something from it but still you have to invest.
Jun 13th 2012 01:19   
Claire R. Senior  Webeneur & Online Shop Owner
Yes it is difficult when you don't have so much to put in at the beginning. I have a standing order every Month and to date I have earned $5,12! Frans - I think you just may be right. 3 Months is a reasonable amount of time to expect some earnings.
Jun 13th 2012 03:52   
Joe Griffith Committed   Profesionsl marketer
I have been with SFI for about 4 months and so far I have made a little over $345.00, half has come from the csa's(co-sponsored affilliates), they give you a share of what comes in everyday for every 1500 in versa points you get, about 45 csa's for every share. This month I have 4 share so far, it takes time to make money and you have to do the to do list dailey to get points, if you don't work the program and continue to sponsor new people you will not make money. So yes if you work the program you can make money, and with the ways things are going in 3 months I wil be making over $2000 monthly, and I continue to help my downline, including the csa's, keeping them motivated is the key.
Jun 13th 2012 08:22   
Wahyu Anjani Innovator  wap master
It's like others subscriber model site, the more people under you who continue to subscribe the more money you get.
Jun 13th 2012 08:27   
Mircea GetExcellence Committed  Health & Wealth Excellence Promoter
SFI has a great backbone system to work with and make money. But in order to see the "greens" :o) you have to invest and take it at least as a part time job. So far, I didn't make a penny on SFI but as a former active commodities investor I stick with my 2c "You invest pennies and seconds you'll get invest real money and time and you'll get real money". Joe you're more than right. Way to go.
Jun 13th 2012 16:09   
Claire R. Senior  Webeneur & Online Shop Owner
That's fantastic Joe. I am actually putting in a lot of hours and a little amount of cash each Month and I have Affiliate's in my downline, I send out regular team talks, tips and send them ebooks to help them - however, they are not earning me money yet. I do understand the concept and I do put in the time and I guess I was just wanting some reasurrance to keep sticking with it because I do actually really like SFI and I can see the potential.

Thanks everyone for your feedback - it really does help.:)
Jun 14th 2012 13:21   
Jules Wimbleton Advanced  Website Owner/Internet Marketer
I tried them some time ago and didn't have much success. I must say though, I had no help or contact from my sponsor and felt very 'alone'. It could be that if I had been helped and pointed in the right direction things may have been different.
Jun 23rd 2012 01:47   
Sampson A. Advanced  marketer, member of SFI corporation
how it works ?
send me details
Jun 23rd 2012 05:27   
Celestial Love Senior
I have lost a lot of money and effort for this business and suddenly be stolen all my downlines and commission for no reason at all. It is the worst business in the world.
Their customer service NEVER reply to me. How TERRIBLE it is!
Jul 16th 2012 03:06   
Alexander Shlepkin Innovator  инженер-механик
Excellent company SFI, but to get a good commission should be to construct a matrix, or to attract sellers and their goods in online shop TripleCliks and receive a percentage of sales. To receive a decent income should be no less than a year, I had to SFI since February, and while studying marketing.
Jul 22nd 2012 04:20   
Supriyanto Djani Professional   Internet Maniac
SFI is real..if you need payment proof, please check this
Jul 22nd 2012 05:28   
Celestial Love Senior
Millions of affiliates never come back to it after sign up.
Sep 6th 2012 01:36   
Jerry Jose Senior   CEO
I just joined 2 months before and I am confident to get a good income from SFI. You must work for it. Read all info and learn a lot. In my experience I can earn more from CSA than my PSAs. Anyway let us wait and see. I am ready to go ahead.
Jan 25th 2013 11:11   
G R Ramachandran Ramanathan Freshman  Independent Distributor
I have been with SFI since last two months. There is lot of things to do before the result comes for income one has to wait for the result. However investment has to be made and wait for return of investment provided your downline are active.If not it may take longer time to realise your ROI
May 27th 2013 07:52   
Jorge Marcelo Arauz Committed   Opportunity seller
A strong leader always leads by example. A good leader doesn't allow his own efforts to diminish simply because his income has increased. You are the leader and you set the standard for your team. Be excited about the business. Share your ideas and enthusiasm with others and always look forward. Listen to what the others have to say and be fair when making decisions, but always remain the motivating force and guiding light. They look to you and your efforts will not be in vain.
Jul 28th 2013 18:40   
SEOandHOST SEO-SEM Professional  SEO Expert Cheapest SEO Online it is misleading.. if you have a site with major traffic then maybe there ok but they say people are making millions lol they are not making millions i dont waste time with rubbish for little money dont waste your time!! sell software etc that's real money and not as hard either and you dont have to pay...
basically: SFI is not a SCAM but, you will never ever get rich with this business. EVER!
Oct 24th 2013 12:28   
Kouame Lambert KOUASSI Senior  IVOIREBIZ
I make money with SFI. But it is hard to make 100$ before 6 months. SFI is for serious and people who are really decided to make money with this business. If you are in hurry to make money with this busines I promise you will leave in the one or 3 months. If you want to make money with SFI you need to do know how the business work and how you can make money. You need to master the SFI BASIC. For that you need to learn your LAUNCHPAD during one to 2 months. Then in the 3rd month you can start to do your busines seriously. Doing only your Daily Action is not sufficient to make money with SFI.
In addition, if you want to make money with SFI, don't neglect the AUCTION program and do all your best to promote the TC product everyday. Tripleclicks is the base of this business. For example you can 't make money on Amazone and ebay if you don't promote your affiliate link. It is the same here. You need to promote your links, you need to have a good downline in which you have many PSAs and CSAs.

Of course we can make money in SFI and I make at least 200$ per month ( SFI earning + sales on my own ECA).
I hope this can help.
Oct 25th 2013 05:29   
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