Keyword uses in page URL is helpful in Ranking OR not?

Asked by Pankaj Sharma, in Internet & eBusiness
Hi Friends, if we are using our keywords in targeted page URL's then it's helpful in ranking or not? Please help.


Kanika Goyal Committed  Online Consumer Forum
Its helpful to rank that page easy.
Nov 24th 2017 00:53   
Sara Smithh Junior  IT
yes url is very helpful for ranking
Nov 24th 2017 00:53   
Maya Lu Junior
yes, It is helpful in ranking.
Nov 24th 2017 01:54   
Mr Peter Senior  Peter Smith
its indeed help it good to have the keywords which you are optimize to be in URL's
Nov 24th 2017 02:14   
Your Search Advanced  Compare & Save Money
Yes, using keywords in the URLs will be a very useful factor in keyword ranking.
Nov 24th 2017 02:18   
Smashing Rony Magnate II   Freelance SEO, SMO, ORM Expert
Same question: Keyword uses in page URL is helpful in Ranking OR not?
Nov 24th 2017 04:44   
Techturtle Noida Advanced  TechTurtle Is a Complete Ecommerce Platform
yes, that is helping in ranking
Nov 24th 2017 04:48   
Salva Skylar Freshman  Digital Marketing Executive
yes, that is helping in ranking as well as traffic.
Nov 24th 2017 04:59   
SENSE -GARDEN Junior  Have A Unique Style Of Life In Amazing Sense Garde
yes it is useful that is helping in ranking as well as traffic.
Nov 24th 2017 05:40   
Mushavvirkhan Balooch Committed   SEO Executive
Yes, absolutely it's great for shows Google that you target your landing page for the specific keyword.

It's really good for ranking on google.
Nov 24th 2017 06:06   
Kire Stankovski Senior   Freelancer, Affiliate Marketer
Definitely it is useful that is helping in ranking on search engines
Nov 24th 2017 06:43   
Joe W. Advanced   Pro Marketer
Yes it certainly helps. Lets Google better understand what the page is about.
Nov 24th 2017 07:18   
Arul Karuppannan Advanced   Digital Marketing Consultant
Yes it will help. Make sure that URL should have a good length.
Nov 24th 2017 08:24   
Holyland Privatetours Junior  Tour Operator in Israel
Yes, its very helpful keyword use in page url.
Nov 25th 2017 00:50   
Wheeling Senon Innovator  buy instagram followers
The keyword is a most powerful factory on SEO. Use your keyword in your title, URL and description.
Nov 25th 2017 02:34   
UroCare INDIA Innovator  UroCare INDIA - Provide Best and Top Urology & And
Yes. In general, keywords that appear in the page URL aid in establishing relevance of a piece of content for a particular search query. And in your particular instance, a ranking bonus would be attributed when a keyword or phrase exists within a domain name, such as montanaflyfishing. The weight given seems to be less significant than when the domain name exactly matches that of a particular SEO query, but more significant than when a keyword appears later in the URL. Diminishing returns are apparently achieved as URLs become lengthier or as keywords are used more than once.
Nov 25th 2017 03:52   
Saurav Priyadarshi Advanced  Content Writer
Yup, it is helpful..
Nov 25th 2017 06:47   
Ravinshu Ranjan Professional   Sr. SEO Executive / Analyst
Yes, Use of keyword in page URL is Very helpful to rank that page in google
Nov 26th 2017 00:33   
Nityanand Tripathi Senior  SEO Executive
yes, It is helpful in serch result ranking
Nov 27th 2017 01:46   
Siya Carla Advanced  Sr. Web & Graphic Designer , Blogger
Although there are more than 200+ factors which is responsible for making a keyword rank, looking at just keyword in URL wont make it rank one has to work on other factors as well.

But yes it is one of the ranking factors.
Nov 27th 2017 01:49   
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