In What age girls or boys get married?

Asked by Sourabh Kumar, in Entertainment


Manish Kumar Innovator  Digital Marketing Expert
23 year is the best for boys and 21 for girls
Jul 20th 2018 15:21   
Angelas Cleaning Freshman  Angela‚Äôs General Cleaning Services
25 years for boys and 23 years for girls.
Jul 21st 2018 01:23   
Visa Services Junior success rate is almost 100 percent for
28 is best for boys and 25 for girls
Jul 21st 2018 03:30   
Aria Akachi Advanced  Writer & Web marketing consultant
24 years for boys and 28 years for girls.
Jul 21st 2018 04:51   
Jacksons M. Junior  Auto Repair Garage in Northampton
25 years for boys and 22 years for girls.
Jul 21st 2018 07:22   
Jack E. Junior  Software Development Company
For Boys 25 and 21 for Girls
Jul 21st 2018 07:38   
Liaquat Ali Mirani Professional   MLM
besr age for marrage for 25 t0 28 and girls 17 to 20 years
Jul 22nd 2018 08:52   
William Clinkscales Magnate I   DB Developer/Tech, Affiliate IM
I married my first wife at 17, I was 23, had 2 children(1 boy,1girl) Now I have 6 grandkids(3 apiece) Got to love it. Cheers.
Jul 22nd 2018 12:50   
Larry Chetan Committed  Business
when every they wants .. though after 18 for girls n 21 for boys
Jul 23rd 2018 01:15   
Paula Harvey Junior  Blogger
when she get ready to marry mentally as well as physically
Jul 23rd 2018 01:23   
Carin Howard Freshman  India Organ Transplant
Jul 23rd 2018 03:44   
Ravi Dutt Sharma Senior   Digital Marketing
When both are able to take a responsibilities to each other and family. than got married to each other.
Jul 23rd 2018 07:55   
Sunshine Kitchen Bath Freshman  Sunshine Kitchen & Bath
When girls and boys are prepare mentally and physically. By the way boys right age for marriage is 25 years and for girls is 23 years.
Jul 23rd 2018 08:51   
Kashyap Vijay Innovator  digital marketing expert
for boys 25-27
for girls 22-25
Jul 23rd 2018 09:01   
Fitfoodies Mantra Freshman  fitfoodies
I think the best best for marriage for boy is 25 and 22 for girl. At this age they can understand the responsibility and meanings of life.
Jul 23rd 2018 09:03   
Shailly Thomas Advanced   VigRx Plus
may be 21 for girls and 25 for boys
but i think when ever the boy and girl are mentally prepare for marriage
Jul 23rd 2018 10:38   
Perfect Tips 4 Health Freshman  Perfect Tips 4 Health
28 is best for boys and 25 for girls
Jul 24th 2018 02:05   
Lucy Brown Junior  Author
I think mental maturity is the most important thing. 25+ is the best age.
Jul 24th 2018 02:30   
Hslaw Charlotte Freshman  HOUSTON & SCHANTZ PLLC
25 years for boys and 23 years for girls.
Jul 24th 2018 07:04   
Amit Tiwari Advanced  SEM/Digital Marketing Expert
Boys 27 and Girls 25, this age is best for both.
Jul 24th 2018 07:14   
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