What is the ideal age to get married?

Asked by Pankaj Sharma, in Relationships

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Mitchell Wood Committed  Writer, Blogger, Copy Writing
i think about 30 years old
Sep 9th 2019 01:09 


Mitchell Wood Committed  Writer, Blogger, Copy Writing
i think about 30 years old
Sep 9th 2019 01:09   
Joseph Kulutu Committed   Business Consultant
That is a very interesting question. I think between 25 and 30 would be great.
Sep 9th 2019 01:56   
Mint Dice Professional   Bitcoin Casino
Never, there's no reason to.
Sep 9th 2019 03:10   
Amit Shrth Senior   web designer
for man i think after 28 or woman 24 if she want get married
Sep 9th 2019 03:32   
Mary Jones Advanced  Playground Equipment
I think 25 years old minimum
Sep 9th 2019 05:11   
RCM Packers Freshman  Packers and movers Service
minimum age 24 Years for girls
Sep 9th 2019 05:24   
Cnettleman Surveying Junior  An Insight On Some Key Aspects Related To Land Sur
I think 28 years old.
Sep 9th 2019 05:29   
Patrick R. Innovator  Developer
i think under 30 year
Sep 9th 2019 06:37   
Saurabh Ailani Junior  Blogger at
I think the best age to get married is 25 to 30
Sep 9th 2019 06:41   
Sam Smith Senior  Amazon Alexa Setup
i think 30 years old
Sep 9th 2019 06:57   
Thiết Bị Sự Kiện Giá Rẻ Senior  Thiết bị sự kiện giá rẻ
i think about 30 years old
Sep 9th 2019 06:59   
Ohla Education Junior  Award Winning English School in Florida
26 years old is the best to got married
Sep 9th 2019 08:17   
RitaAnn~ E. Advanced   Online Girl
It looks like you all said what I was thinking: between 25-30 yrs. old, both male and female.

Great Minds think alike. :-)
Sep 9th 2019 17:42   
Pestcontrol Penrith Junior  Pest Control Service Provider
The ideal age for marriage for both Between 25-30 Years
Sep 10th 2019 01:15   
Amy Wilson Advanced  Photo Editor & Retoucher
I think 25 to 30 ideal age to get married.
Sep 10th 2019 02:23   
Deltaflights Reservations Advanced  Delta Flights Reservations
I think between 22 and 25 would be great. for the married
Sep 10th 2019 03:31   
Roman S. Committed   Business Creativity Mentor
There is no ideal age to get married.
Sep 10th 2019 03:53   
Gagan T. Freshman  SEO analyst
Are you getting married?
Sep 10th 2019 05:23   
Martin D. Freshman  SEO and content specialist
In my opinion, in European culture it is 26-29 years old. However, in other cultures, where men's responsibility is greater and women's independence is less, I think this age is earlier for a woman, but male maturity is of primary importance.
Sep 10th 2019 06:27   
Dr. Asil Sadiq Advanced  Dr. Asil Sadiq (BDS), (DDS)
Math Says This Is the Perfect Age to Get Married. A new study suggests that people should get married between the ages of 28 and 32 if they don't want to get divorced, at least in the first five years.
Sep 10th 2019 08:16   
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