I need to rank well in Google within one week. Is it possible?

Asked by Krishna Mondal, in Technology

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Sudheer Yalanati Advanced   Digital marketing Executive
Not possible with in a week
Jan 3rd 2019 00:13 


Julian Hernandez Junior  Marketer
No, unless your site's content is 100% unique. If you have competitors in the same field you won't be able to do it.
Jan 2nd 2019 05:28   
Tbvs Inax Freshman  Thiết bị vệ sinh
tôi nghĩ không thể! Về phía đối thủ của bạn cũng là yếu tố quan trọng nên bạn cần quan tâm tới nó!
Jan 2nd 2019 08:23   
John Smith Advanced  SEO Executive
No it is not possible.
Jan 2nd 2019 08:40   
Hayate Abul Innovator  Digital marketer
I think, the content should be very different, unique and very creative but one week is too short.
Jan 2nd 2019 08:58   
Jack Tucker Innovator  IT Support Engineer
One week is too long you can rank in just one minute contact google for Google Ads
Jan 2nd 2019 11:39   
Ha Yenphat Advanced  the gioi dien may chinh hang
Quan trọng là nghành nghề của bạn là nghành nào, sản phẩm của bạn có cạnh tranh ko, còn 1 cách đơn giản nhất bạn có thể top 1 trong vòng không đến 1 ngày đó là bạn sử dụng Google Ads
Jan 2nd 2019 22:10   
Mr Peter Senior  Peter Smith
No it is not possible even if you do balck hatt
Jan 3rd 2019 00:03   
Sudheer Yalanati Advanced   Digital marketing Executive
Not possible with in a week
Jan 3rd 2019 00:13   
Depends on Keywords........
Jan 3rd 2019 00:53   
Linda Martin Advanced  Certified QuickBooks Support
I think you should take your medicine on time.
Jan 3rd 2019 00:54   
Sahu Khan Advanced  social media marketing
Not possible with in a week
Jan 3rd 2019 01:06   
Hamilton SCI Junior  Commercial Fit Out Melbourne
no within one week it is not have to do some quality work and wait for some time.
Jan 3rd 2019 01:25   
Sneha Sharma Committed  Digital Marketing Specialist
You should implement the meta tags, heading tags, alt tags ... etc needs to update the complete on-page to get ranking.
Jan 3rd 2019 01:48   
Peggy Lane Innovator  Marketing
possible....If you used black hatt way
Jan 3rd 2019 02:16   
Krishna Mondal Advanced  Digital Marketing Executive
Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.
Jan 3rd 2019 02:27   
then you must do #Black Hat activity.
Jan 3rd 2019 02:29   
Himanshu Patel Advanced  CEO and Founder of NectarBits
Not possible within a week, it requires maximum 6 months..
Jan 3rd 2019 02:31   
but must believe in White hat SEO
Jan 3rd 2019 03:29   
Yasha S. Advanced  fashion desginer
you believe on white hat seo and content is king. content is 100% unique then website on google rank
Jan 3rd 2019 03:31   
Pankaj Sharma Magnate II   Digital Marketing Professional
Yes, This is possible but you have to choose no competition keywords only.
Jan 3rd 2019 03:41   
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