I have a website blog, can I share this content in Guest post blog?

Asked by Ravi Dutt Sharma, in Affiliate Marketing
I am little bit confuse about this technique. So please share your knowledge with me.


Ayojide Buremoh Magnate I   Smart Solutions Consultant
This method also helps to generate traffic from other blogs and websites, If you have very good contents, you will find people who want it posted on their sites too.
Jan 18th 2018 03:32    Edited in Jan 18th 2018 06:03
Bernard Willimann Freshman  Marketing operations leader in designing initiativ
yes just paste the source url below and share it.
Jan 18th 2018 03:52   
Lari N. Senior  SEO Manager
I am totally agree with Bernard willimmann
Jan 18th 2018 04:11   
Eva Welch Junior  Eva Welch
Yes, you can share at a guest post.
Jan 18th 2018 05:42   
Viney Kumar Advanced  Freelance Writer & blogger
No, Its not good for google,Google dont show your pages in his SERP.
Jan 19th 2018 01:21   
Exam Good Advanced  consultant
yes, you can share. Thank you.
Jan 19th 2018 02:28   
Generator D. Senior  Diesel Generator
I think the answer is a yes
Jan 19th 2018 03:44   
Sofcon Training Innovator  Best Industrial Training Institute
Yes, this is effective way to get backlinks
Jan 19th 2018 06:51   
Julie E. Innovator  Senior Editor
You can share your website blog. You will gain traffic to your website blog.
Jan 19th 2018 06:59   
Paul Nwaoriaku Innovator  Hey!
yes so that members that might like it will have a look on it
Jan 19th 2018 09:36   
Jemma Barsby Advanced  Content Writer
Yes, you can share content.
Jan 20th 2018 01:03   
Arvind Kumar Shakya Magnate I   Google Adwords Professional, SEO
I am agree with Ayojide Buremoh
Jan 20th 2018 01:18   
Jack Rayan Advanced  Digital Marketing Expert
yes, You Can, But your content should be unique and audience generated.
Jan 20th 2018 01:31   
Rakesh Chopra Professional  Digital Marketer
For guest blogs try to make a unique and relevant content then this technique will definitely help you increase your website ranking.
Jan 20th 2018 05:28   
Jan 20th 2018 05:29   
Pie Chan Advanced  Digital marketer
Yes dear you can share
Jan 21st 2018 00:49   
Ha Tuyet Junior  Hello everybody
Yes you can, but its not good for SEO
Jan 21st 2018 01:16   
Seoexpert Fateh Junior  Latest News
No.This is not good for your original website because your content will no longer be so genuine if it was
Jan 25th 2018 12:54   
In Bac Viet Advanced  in offset gia re nhat Ha Noi
done, @Fam Fanoz:
Jan 29th 2018 04:22   
Yvonne Finn Advanced   Internet Marketer
If you share the exact content you will most likely be creating a duplicate content rating by google and this will not be beneficial for your blog or the guest blog post.
You could expand your topic to cover s thought you had not fully covered on your own blog.
Jan 31st 2018 11:42   
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