How to Improve Our Blogs Ranking and Traffic?

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Sienna Brice Junior  Author
To buil more external and internal backlink.
Sep 20th 2018 02:06   
Hoang Leo Advanced  SEO Marketing
Good content and share social network
Sep 20th 2018 02:42   
The Science Editorium Junior  Scientific Publishing Support Services
Check to see how the phrase is used on the web page
Sep 20th 2018 04:09   
Expert Repair Junior  Expert Roof Repair
Build internal links on different referring domain and write readable content
Sep 20th 2018 05:37   
Aayushi Pradhan Advanced  Seo Executive
Share on
1-Social media
2-Social Bookmarking
Sep 20th 2018 05:42   
Benny Gala Senior  DNS Accountants
High Quality content
Use LSI keyword in the blog
Get Relevant niche backlinks
Share the blog on Social platform
Sep 20th 2018 05:58   
alex donvour Advanced  Economic consultant
you're going to have to focus at least one subject, and try to create related topics, also try to provide useful information, because when you get more views and likes, then your blog will be considered a good place for readers, and you will be ranked up.
Focus on using good keywords in your articles, but don't over-use them or you'll be penalized.
build strong backlinks by writing in guest blogs, participating in blogs comments (non-spamming).
work on your blog performance, such as page load speed, JS, CSS, meta tags, meta titles, links building, etc...
you could probably try to give your blog a bit of boost by making some paid ads on social media in terms of getting traffic.
Sep 20th 2018 09:47   
MacbookRepair Dubai Freshman  Need help for MacBook Repair Dubai GET SUPPORT 24/
Make sure you create unique and original content
Sep 21st 2018 00:17   
Parking Cloud360 Freshman  parkingcloud360
Based on 20+ years of experience in search industry evolution and practice, we know how search works!
Sep 21st 2018 01:22   
Max Anderson Advanced  Digital Marketer
Firstly make a proper sharing strategy for your content. if you can't figure out just DM me. I'll give you proper directions for link building to make your blog popular.
Sep 21st 2018 02:24   
Vidit Agarwal Committed  Marketing Director
You can increase blog ranking by sharing on different third party submission sites.
Sep 21st 2018 06:55   
Trade Marks Freshman  Trademarks
You simply do sharing on social media site. such as on G+ communities or groups. Just lyk that
Sep 21st 2018 06:59   
Keisha O. Freshman  Ozella
Buat konten relevan yang mengandung 1000 kata, mengandung kata kunci di paragraf pertama dan subheading.
Sep 21st 2018 07:01   
Pay Tabs Innovator  PayTabs Payment Gateway
You , can promote your blog on social media Like Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest, Google Plus,Instagram,,Reddit, and also Quora discussion.
Sep 21st 2018 07:18   
Quality Autoparts Freshman  Qualityautoparts
Create good content, add relevant keywords and keep sharing on social network.
Sep 21st 2018 08:21   
Carol Dobson Senior  Marketing Head at Kanhasoft
Do social media
bookmarking and link reputed outer resources
Sep 21st 2018 09:32   
Cathy Anniston Innovator  I am a Technical Analyst in a Software Company
Do social media bookmarking, classifieds and crate good quality do follow backlinks of you blogs for ranking and traffic.
Sep 21st 2018 11:37   
Julien T. Freshman  viseur optique
Optimize Your Blog Post Title
Add Keywords To Post and Media
Internal Linking
Guest Blogging
Blog Commenting
Social Shares
Repurpose Your Content
Sep 22nd 2018 02:03   
Meds Mantra Freshman  Natural & Proven Weight Loss Solution - Lose 20 kg
There are so many strategies you can improve your blog ranking and traffic

1. Find the best keyword related to your webpage.
2. Use LSI keyword
3. Daily Post on Social Media. Social Media is one of the best platforms for improving the ranking and traffic.
4. Off Page SEO
5. Do internal linking between your blogs.
6. Regular update your blog for your users.
7. Use infographics & images in your blogs so that users stick to your blogs.
8. Always give customers what they want to read.

these are some techniques to improve the traffic
Sep 22nd 2018 08:58   
Arsalan N. Senior  Internet Researcher, Blogger
commenting on high pr websites related to your niche
web 2.0 backlinks making
Sep 23rd 2018 05:21   
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