How do event planners use technology?

Asked by David Changoshvili, in Others


Franto Hruz Magnate I Pro   - More Value for Our Team Members
By automatically scheduling, planning & executing special local, district, regional & national events with all the potential income creation opportunities for related business contacts in these areas to expand in number & size on a continuous basis - got the idea?
May 19th 2019 14:59   
Jovin P. Freshman  Blogger
Yes,,Its simple. Event Planners can organize, ssheduling the event by inviting the newbies, also getting the count of willing paticipants (since they accept,while others not). Good way of automated control & monitoring.One can decide & sell the no.of Seats
May 20th 2019 00:14   
Bluemailmedia Inc Advanced  bluemailmedia
Various technologies make it easier for event managers to organize great conferences and meetings. For some time now, event planners have been using technology to some extent; however, the use of event management technology is increasing with more applications that can be used.
May 21st 2019 07:57   
Riya Samuel Junior  Marketing Manager
Event planners can use technology to organize client meetings, planning and executing.
Aug 11th 2019 10:02   
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