Do you want to buy/sell ads on your own social media channels?

Asked by Wincer Song, in Internet & eBusiness
You probably have good social media resources (twitter, pinterest, facebook groups, and etc). How about buy/sell ads on others social media channels?

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faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
An interesting concept, perhaps. What exactly do you have in mind?
Nov 21st 2020 10:04   
Hop Trieusung Magnate III   Welcome to new marketer
Great ideas I have made for myself at FB, Instagram and more !
Nov 21st 2020 13:47   
Kem Bo Innovator  Staff
Depend on region and social network, I think yes.
Nov 21st 2020 23:45   
Aarambh Consultant Freshman  Aarambh Consultant
The Plan is to teach you affiliate marketing, so you can have a solid career online.
Nov 22nd 2020 00:25   
Osmaan Mooraby Senior   Entrepreneur | Social Media Expert
That's a very interesting concept, as marketers i'm always looking to advertise my business
Nov 22nd 2020 10:38   
Amelia A. Junior  Writter
Very interesting concept,
Nov 22nd 2020 21:46   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
A new project? I can hardly wait to get some details.
23 hours ago   
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