Do You Drink Coffee Or Tea?

Asked by Deals Offers, in Entertainment


Uyi A. Freshman  Creative Writing
I drink Coffee please.. But Tea isn't really that Bad.
Mar 28th 2019 03:22   
Pasco Motors Junior  Authorized Commercial Vehicles Dealer of Tata
I love to take tea..this is good compare to Coffee.
Mar 28th 2019 04:02   
Digiscape Tech Freshman  custom software development company
I like both. but sometimes prefer coffee
Mar 28th 2019 05:54   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
Seriously though, coffee is my drink of choice
Mar 28th 2019 06:03   
Lamore Weddings Advanced  Weddings
i love it coffee and very energy full
Mar 28th 2019 07:12   
Swiss International Scientific School Freshman  Swiss International Scientific Scho
i love coffee, i not drink tea
Mar 28th 2019 09:28   
Dan Carter Senior   Is there ever a perfect time?
I Love Coffee in the AM, Midday Tea different blends to reenergize to finish the day out.
Mar 28th 2019 11:19   
Renee Helten Senior   Founder and President of HIRED Schools
TEA.. All the time or any time.
Mar 29th 2019 00:46   
Bilsan Disuja Committed  SEO
i love it coffee and very energy full
Mar 29th 2019 03:55   
Shailly Thomas Senior   Delon Beauty Product
i love to drink tea, i hate coffee
Mar 29th 2019 04:34   
Ravi Dutt Sharma Committed   Digital Marketing
I love drink tea. coffee is note good..
Mar 30th 2019 00:38   
Pradeep Kumar Senior   Senior in Digital Marketing
i love to drink Milk, i hate coffee & tea
Mar 30th 2019 05:18   
Mario Davis Innovator  Ingenious Results
Both are good in taste but coffee will be my first preference.
Mar 30th 2019 05:28   
Kusal Mendis Advanced  Seo Activity
i love to drink Milk, also coffee & tea
Mar 30th 2019 05:29   
Innovative Digital Marketing Freshman  Our Innovations for Your Growth
i love it coffee and very energy full
Mar 30th 2019 06:45   
Pritee D. Advanced  Sr. SEO Executive
I like tea.. may i know the reason for this question?
Mar 30th 2019 06:49   
Susan Carlson Advanced  Executive
Both...Tea and Coffee
Apr 1st 2019 00:21   
JACOB TURNER Senior  SEO Analyst
I prefer Coffee for early morning and late night work.
Apr 2nd 2019 01:46   
Deals Offers Committed  Website Development - Designing
@pritee just for time pass
Apr 2nd 2019 05:53   
Nnamdi Agha Magnate II   Internet Marketer
Coffee and tea almost daily at separate times; coffee first and tea later.
Apr 2nd 2019 06:12   
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