Description Shows more than 160 character in Google Search. Is there any update from Google?

Asked by Pankaj Sharma, in Internet & eBusiness
Hi friends, In Google search result, website description showing more than 160 character. Any update about description length.


Rob Cool Innovator   waxpensales
Yes I know,but google is also show description 170 character.
Dec 6th 2017 06:30   
Pankaj Sharma Magnate I   Digital Marketing Professional
Google is showing more than 220 characters. How?
Dec 6th 2017 06:34   
Carlos Silva Magnate I   Affiliate Commissionist - Entertain and Biz
I think that what we need in google search is a very good description. For me is more important the quality, veracity that the amount of characters.
Dec 6th 2017 09:04   
Edwin Smith Advanced  Technical Customer Service
yes I know, but right now no update
Dec 6th 2017 23:22   
Sơn Ngô Freshman  Thế giới phụ kiện thời trang
Google is showing more than 220 characters. How?
Dec 7th 2017 02:03   
Greeks Sem Freshman  All USA Airlines Booking Helpline Number 1-888-301
I don't thinks so there is any update from Google. When google find the unique and most relevant text, it try to show the more character/words in SERP.
Dec 7th 2017 03:36   
Fam Fanoz Advanced  Paid surveys
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Dec 7th 2017 04:07   
Ayaz Ahmad Senior  Online Business Analyst
I have noticed sometime in Google search results that some Google is showing more characters in descriptions than its limits....
Dec 7th 2017 09:46   
Selena Richard Advanced   ***
Yes, in Google Search Engine Result page, shows the description of above 160 characters, even it shows three line snippet with around 278 characters. This update is arrived in the month of May, 2016
Dec 8th 2017 01:32   
Gangadhar Kulkarni Magnate I   Internet Marketing Professional
Google changes its description length policy and it extended up to 300 characters. For detailed information read this blog
2 days 13 hours ago   
Ravi Pathak Freshman  web development company India
according to google,google allows up to 160 words but google does not read more than 155 words.
2 days 11 hours ago   
Golden Riders Junior  manufacturing of biker-products for different bran
Google reads only 155 character only and if you put more than 155 , Google will truncate after 155 character
2 days 11 hours ago   
Nitin Saini Committed   SEO and SMO professional
it right but it cloud be aroubnd 170 chr
2 days 10 hours ago   
James watson Junior  James
google reads 160 Chr only
2 days 9 hours ago   
Vibhu Kumar Advanced  Freelance Writer & blogger
Yes google update it in Dec2017 read at searchengineland website
2 days 9 hours ago   
Oliver Edwards Junior  Content Writer
As of December 2017, according to Search Engine Land: “the snippet length has grown from 160 characters to almost 230 characters on average”. You can find on Searchenigne land for more info.
2 days 7 hours ago   
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