Can we use /index url in sitemap?

Asked by Nityanand Tripathi, in Technology
can we use /index url in sitemap.xml?


Andrew Smith Freshman  SEO Expert
Yes, you can use it. But there is not a requirement to using it.
Jul 25th 2018 10:23   
The Northern Nanny Agency Junior  Nanny Agency
Yes, you can, If needed.
Jul 26th 2018 01:53   
Xing Tu Advanced  sales manager
Yes, you can, If needed.
Jul 26th 2018 03:05   
Ram Kumar Freshman  Article Writer
Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can.
Jul 27th 2018 03:51   
Judi T. Advanced  Web and application developer
yes, most of webmasters use..
Jul 27th 2018 04:11   
Janet J. Freshman  official worker
yes, you can add it in sitemap.
Jul 27th 2018 04:41   
Phuong namphat Freshman  phuongnamphat
Yes, you can. I think it posible
Jul 27th 2018 06:43   
Amit Srivastava Freshman  software tools
Yes, you can index URL in sitemap, if needed.
Jul 27th 2018 07:26   
Sridar S12 Innovator  Celebrity Prime Eco Front Jigani Bangalore
you can add that because of that is very important, it is document file weather it is index key or not to verify your site
Jul 27th 2018 07:39   
Jassica W. Innovator  Manager
Big yes. You can use in sitemap
Jul 28th 2018 02:06   
CUSP Surgeons Innovator  Practicing Excellence & Building Trust
Yes, you can use it. But there is not a requirement to using it.
Jul 28th 2018 09:44   
Stephen Zhu Innovator  Programmer
Yes, you can use it.
Jul 30th 2018 22:29   
rohan shah Advanced  Ipod not recognize by itunes iphone
your home page is consider as a index page.
Aug 3rd 2018 06:06   
Savithri K12 Freshman  Godrej Reflections in Bangalore
yes we can use index url site map
Aug 4th 2018 08:25   
Westview Manufacturing Junior  Quality Made Spa Gazebos and Outdoor Buildings Sin
You can if you want but it is not necessary to add.
Aug 6th 2018 08:10   
Flexsin Inc Advanced  Software Development
You should redirect URL from the index page to the home page. And avoid adding the index page in a sitemap.
Aug 9th 2018 06:58   
Emma W. Advanced  Web Designer
Yes you can do this but if there is no necessity then avoid this
Aug 10th 2018 02:54   
Ripen Apps Advanced  Mobile App Development Company
Yes, you can use it.
Aug 17th 2018 01:34   
Ailsa Malia Advanced  Router Customer Support Number
Simply having a sitemap does not, however, guarantee that Google will also index all pages available in your sitemap
Aug 18th 2018 16:45   
Torii Technologies Junior  Certified Cyber Security Expert
yes, most of webmasters use..
Sep 7th 2018 00:47   
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