Can Make A Sitemap for My Website Bolog Section?

Asked by Nityanand Tripathi, in Education
Actully I'm Confused , I Have A Website For News and we Create a Blog Section in Website. I alredy Generate Sitemap For Website. Can i Generate another Sitemap For Our Blog Section. please Give me Suggestion


Sarah S. Junior  Sales Manager
If the website is in wordpress, you will get 2 sitemaps...
Aug 13th 2019 03:20   
Nityanand Tripathi Professional   Senior Digital Marketing Executive
No, My Website In PHP
Aug 13th 2019 03:37   
Sarah S. Junior  Sales Manager
Blog is in wordpress?
Aug 13th 2019 03:54   
Nityanand Tripathi Professional   Senior Digital Marketing Executive
No Blog is in laravel
Aug 13th 2019 04:39   
Pekson Scott Innovator  Get All Information about Outlook Email Issue and
Yes, You need to sitemaps. Sitemap several type but most imp sitemap.xml and sitemap.html. sitemap.xml for search engine and an other sitemap.html for user. so i recommended add sitemap.xml in your website.
Aug 13th 2019 06:22   
Andrew James Freshman  Salesforce Apps, Magento Extensions & Wordpress Pl
Yes after creating site if you add any new page in site you need to generate sitemap.xml each time and upload on website.
Aug 14th 2019 05:20   
Aditya Sharma Senior   Help in the Organised Travel Within and Abroad Ind
Of course, you can use a modular sitemap where blog section URL can be kept in a separate one.
Aug 14th 2019 08:36   
James F. Innovator  Executive at Go Custom Boxes
If your blog section is different from your main domain. Then you can generate another sitemap.

Aug 15th 2019 05:39   
Jackie H. Advanced  Blogger|Website Creator|Publisher
Yes, you can generate 2 sitemaps.
Aug 16th 2019 05:15   
Launch Creader Freshman  Auto Workshop
if your website is build by wordpress,there are many plugins can generate it automatically
Aug 18th 2019 21:22   
Sleep Sherpa Advanced  Sleep Expert
You need your every public content URL to be in the sitemap.xml if you want the search engines to index them.
Aug 19th 2019 06:01   
James Miller Advanced  Professional Writer (Chemicals)
Yes You can easily make a sitemap of Posts of your blog.
Aug 19th 2019 09:23   
VoIP Office Advanced  VoIP Service Providers
if your website is built by Wordpress, there are many plugins can generate it automatically
Aug 21st 2019 04:49   
Smashing Rony Magnate II   Freelance SEO, SMO, ORM Expert
If the website is in wordpress, you will get 2 sitemaps...
Sep 2nd 2019 03:54   
Nurudeen Lawal Advanced  Social media strategist
Yes you can and if you use wordpress there are plugins you can easily get
Sep 5th 2019 10:40   
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