the Wela Slimberry

by Nathaniel Pasion
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Review on the Wela Slimberry

for me a top businness is a online marketers, my offer is must-have, you earn Minimum as much as $20,000.00 a month or highly in $20k, and you earn posibility $5,000.00 - $10,000.00 weekly. well join us and earn money easy and fast go to this link and join, be a actve associate to earn fast.

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for me a top businness is a online marketers, my offer is must-have, you earn as much as $20,000.00 a month or highly in $20k, well join us and earn money easy and fast  go to this link and join,...

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Nathaniel Pasion Senior   
yeah... you join now quickly, its easy to earn money...
Oct 7th 2010 01:29   
Grzesiek M. Advanced   internet user
very good blog
Oct 10th 2010 02:17   
Ezee Bids Committed   Online Auction
Online marketing is growing??
Oct 10th 2010 02:19   
Manju Advanced   
$20,000.00 bit excited!!!!!
Oct 10th 2010 02:20   
Zac Josevski Magnate I   Internet Marketer
I will look at this.
Oct 10th 2010 02:20   
Anu Surendran Innovator  
need to learn more before jumping into conclusions
Oct 10th 2010 02:21   
Andy Anderson Professional   Owner Yuma Bloggers
While the product sounds good the looks of the offer make it a tough act to jump into as the price is more about the pay plan than the product and it's mission. This is where 80% of MLM businesses go awry of the FTC and risk government scrutiny. Best of luck on it though.
Oct 10th 2010 02:23   
JOSEPH CHACKERY Magnate I   Officer
Slimberry is a good product to market, but aggressive marketing will generate better results.
Oct 10th 2010 02:24   
Arvindh Ganesan Advanced   Engineer
good news for all persons.
Oct 10th 2010 02:25   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
What is it? Something to loose weight with berries?
Oct 10th 2010 02:33   
Lovelym M. Advanced  health provider, medical transcriptionist, blogger
nice business
Oct 10th 2010 02:35   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Nice site but its a bit unclear what the product is. From the name I would guess some weight loss products. I did not look at videos unless i am interested.
Oct 10th 2010 02:36   
Lie Wang Advanced   
thanks for your info.
Oct 10th 2010 02:56   
Vladimirs Zimaikovs Advanced  Designer
Very good and nice blog!
Oct 10th 2010 02:57   
Anthony G Senior   
Good product and a good buy.
Oct 10th 2010 03:03   
Peter Meklenborg Professional   CEO at /
Nice Page :)
Oct 10th 2010 03:04   
Vladimir Lugansky Senior   Forex Trade
Thanks for the information
Oct 10th 2010 03:11   
Gabor Bordas Senior   Company Pro.
Looks nice on the first sight but the review really tells me nothing at all...
Oct 10th 2010 03:14   
AJAY PATEL Advanced   Blogger
As per my experience I have tried a lots of online money making programs, but high paying programs are mostly scams. So don't west your time.
Oct 10th 2010 03:14   
Sherry Emma Simpson Committed   Smart Entrepreneur
Such a huge amount in a month?
Oct 10th 2010 03:23   
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