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About our Business

Yuma Bloggers and theFreeGuru were born in 2013.

In 2012 when my health forced me to leave my partnership in Kooiii Social Media Search. I lost nearly a year online to a surgery and slow recovery and when I came back I was faced with reinventing my online business.

I started from scratch as a broke marketer who no-longer had 2 pennies to rub together after having been a partner in a project that saw 3 million monthly unique visitors. I went from having a reputation that could put 80 people in a program with a single ad run to now fighting my way to build links and build traffic.

I returned to my roots and got back in business with Strong Future International and worked hard building income with them to cover cost for my business and provide a growing profit. I also utilize Google Adsense and IBO Toolbox to expand my business and provide my teams a sound place to plant roots and start a home based business.

I am currently teaching my SFI team how to build a retail affiliate blog so we can capitalize on the major retail selling season projected for 2014. My personal goal is to add 200 new Personally Referred Members and generate $5000 in commissions between now and July 3rd 2017 as I write this it's already July 3rd 2016.

Ambitious? Yes.
Doable? Yes.
Can others do it easily? Hell yeah!

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Solo Ads with Guaranteed Sales
Jul 3 2016 07:23

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Pro Business Saver Hosting
Jul 3 2016 07:15

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As a team member or a leader, Andy Anderson earns my highest recommendation.
 - baghzaf April 2nd, 2019

As a team member or a leader, Andy Anderson earns my highest recommendation.
 - baghzaf April 2nd, 2019

Andy is a reliable APSense member and posts some interesting material!
 - trafficexchangeguru September 30th, 2018

He is a well known SFI Team Leader and a profound internet marketer and website/blogger expert
 - yeshua July 31st, 2017

Andy is a great blogger and online marketer helping people with learning the internet from home. Great content.
 - angiewrites August 9th, 2016

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