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UBW is based in Tallinn, Estonia. It was set up in August 2015 and currently employs 27 staff plus the management. It is well funded and backed by large investors. We are a team of highly successful
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  • well known within banking and government circles
  • transactions worth hundreds of millions
  • our companies over the last 20 years
  • international network
  • The Ultimate reward system
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Opportunity of a lifetime
The Ultimate reward system

For every new user you bring us, we will reward you generously, and not only the users you bring, but also users coming from your users too. If you want an extra income or simply want to have a full-time job finding users, there are no limits to how much you can make. This system is designed to break all records if you are really up for it. Take a look at the example below and you will find that you are making money in 3 different ways with just one easy job. With all 3 income streams you are making money in 7 levels underneath you. (See the income example)

This whole system is based on an entry of ONLY 60 and all income examples are quite easily achieved based on your entry at this level. So there is no need for big investments or a high entry cost to achieve any of the following:

Income stream 1 is generated from sales of advertising packages on the classified ads website, where you can place anything you want to sell or rent as a company or if you simply have items you do not need anymore. See Packages for the different options.

Income stream 2 is generated from commissions earned by renting income units at 600 per unit for 3 years.

Income stream 3 is generated from the sales made by the Salespeople, which are earned by the rented income units. So for every sale made by Salespeople it generates an income not only for the person who has rented it, but also for the people in his/her network. So where income stream 1 and 2 are a one-time commission, income stream 3 is where you will make the recurrent income on a monthly basis.
The UBW system has been created is with a forward-thinking plan with a long-term duration in mind. It is a system that will reward everyone, even if they do not put a lot of effort into it, as long as they recommend 3 friends that in their turn do the same, and, with no promise of making millions the next month. UBW want to have a reputation that is both serious and focuses mainly on the use and value of the UBW Coins in the future. But make no mistake, this system is set up to break all records, and it will do it with ease when it comes to the income for those who put their time and effort into it.

We have a Decoy commission plan, which looks not too rewarding at first glance. However when you really understand the whole picture and see the way it is built, you will be amazed. The Decoy commission plan is set up so that with as little as 60 and recommending only 3 people who do the same, you will actually be upgraded and further upgraded and given bonuses after bonuses on a monthly basis. Form that alone you will make thousands of Euros on a monthly basis, but it will take 2-3-4 months.

It is also set up in such a way that if you put all your efforts into it, really work the system, get a larger number of people in and follow them up, you will for sure make a respectable income within the first month. This will happen even if they all just enter at 60. This is a numbers game specifically constructed to promote the use, usability and value of the UBW coin.

On the website you will find an Income Calculator which will give you a clear understanding of the income you can make. It is important that you understand that all the hard work you put in will be rewarded when you start receiving the residual income from all the Income Rental Units, which is given as bonuses in your group. It does not matter if they are given as a bonus or you rented it, you still receive the same commissions and bonuses.

If you are holding an Income Unit and being paid per sale, you are making your daily percentages, but you are given a percentage on the Income Units 7 levels down in your group as well. This is when the real adventure begins. This is when you can actually make millions as a residual monthly income. What makes it even better is that every month UBW is giving the bonuses, there will be more and more Income Units in your group of people, and your part of all sales will just keep increasing. This is what is makes UBW truly unique when compared to ALL OTHER companies today.

There have been some comments made regarding the low commission paid in the first levels when you first register new users. This is very true but having read the text above you will understand why it is set up like this. Everything with UBW is long term based and completely focused on building a long-term company with a long-term stable and safe income for our users for years and years to come whether they put in a small or big effort.

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