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by Jokotry Abdul Haqq Let's learn metaphysical sciences (Ilmu Spiritual,
Here, you can learn various master-teacher courses of metaphysical sciences, that will assist you in gaining spiritual enlightenment and knowledge as you discover your true self
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  • Learn how to help others
  • You will get the secret key of "ilmu' so that you can teach others
  • The secrets of several metaphysical sciences are disclosed here
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Ilmu Spiritual Halilintar

Ilmu Spiritual Halilintar is the master degree of Ilmu Spiritual which is intended to be able to share and teach Ilmu Spiritual Level 1-5 upon completing the course. The secret key to performing Ilmu Spirituals activation is given as a legalized master of Ilmu Spiritual. If you take this course at once, then you will not only receive automatically all of the Ilmu Spiritual 1-5, but also gain the activation of Ilmu Spiritual Halilintar.

Lintang Pamungkas

Lintang Pamungkas is a master level of Lintang Kautsar. At this level, you are given some understandings of the advanced materials of Lintang Kautsar. All secrets of the bodily verses/ayats that become the key strengths of Lintang Kautsar will be explained obviously. If you take this course at once, you will not only get all the materials of Lintang Kautsar, but also receive the initiation of the Lintang Kautsar 1-5, then given the authority to teach Lintang Kautsar Level 1-3 (Holy Head, Holy Hands and Holy Body).

Ilmu Nur Alam Makrifat

Ilmu Nur Alam Makrifat is the mother of Ilmu (spiritual powers). You will get the Key of Ilmu Nur Alam Ma'rifat so that you can teach several ilmu (spiritual modalities) such as Divine Frequency Bioenergy, Inner Power, Ilmu Besi. In addition, you will also be authorized and taught Ilmu Hak Fathur Rahmah that is a key to teach Ilmu Nur Tanah Melayu (an ilmu/Spiritual Exercise to open the gates of success, open aura etc.).

Asmak Yasin Pamungkas

This is the master degree for Asmak Yasin. By taking this course, you will be granting the right to teach and share Asmak Yasin. The secret key on how to activate the Asmak Yasin will be disclosed and the procedures of giving and receiving the activation for Asmak Yasin will be given completely.

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what is this
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Jokotry Abdul Haqq Senior   Let's learn metaphysical sciences (Ilmu Spiritual,
Thanks for your question.
This is all about metaphysical sciences. You may choose and learn of them, such as Ilmu spiritual (spiritual Power), Ilmu Nur alam Makrifat, Lintang Pamungkas..etc... All mentioned here are the master level if you study one of them, then you can teach and share to others, as you will get the secret on how to share to others....

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