How We Will End Poverty

by Dallas Cousins
This review is going to tell you exactly how I could end poverty world wide and save millions of lives, if I had a million dollars.
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Review on How We Will End Poverty

Over 20,000 children die each day because of poverty. Over half of all the children in the world live in poverty!

You may be asking " How can someone end poverty world wide with just a million dollars, when there are billions of people who are living in poverty?"

Yes I know it sounds impossible but we can and we will end poverty world wide. We can't do it alone, and we already have a plan in action that is going to end poverty, the only thing is we don't have the funding to really grow like we need to. When I say we I mean me and the Poverty Fighters.

With over 20,000 dying each and every day because of poverty we need funding to really help our plan grow faster and reach more people, so we can save more lives.

So here is how we would end poverty if we had a million dollars.

First we would invest in getting a website put together for the Poverty Fighters, then we would invest in a team of expert advertisers, marketers, and software engineers.

We would have the advertisers and marketers go to work on designing a great way to advertise and market the Poverty Fighters.

We would have the expert software engineers working with the advertisers and marketers to design software that will automate the whole advertising and marketing process. (Ex. It will automate sending out articles, press releases ext.)

Then we would work with the experts in finding ways to improve the Poverty Fighters to make it the best opportunity ever created.

The reason it is so important for the Poverty Fighters to grow is because that is how we are going to raise money to help fund our "Road To End Poverty Tour" and we are also going to donate $2 from every paying member to charities!

The Road To End Poverty Tour is where Poverty Fighters travel the world training those in poverty how to make money with no money and how and where to advertise. "This is also where the software we have designed will help us in a huge way speed up the whole process in helping those in poverty build their own successful business."

The expert advertisers and marketers are going to also teach each member of the Poverty Fighters that are going to go on our "Road To End Poverty Tour" exactly how and where to advertise they are also going to teach them how to make money with no money.

On our tour we are also going to give out food, water, shoes, socks, blankets, jackets, and first aid kits, we are going to help each person in poverty build their own successful business, and teach them how to make money with no money so they will never have to worry about poverty again!

As the saying goes "Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime"

That is what we are trying to accomplish with our Road To End Poverty Tour, If we teach those in poverty, how to make money then they will never have to worry about poverty again.

For our tour we are also going to need laptops with internet connection so we would invest in portable satellites for each of our Road To End Poverty Tours.

We would invest some of the million dollars in a building where we could store the donations of water, food, laptops, cloths, shoes, blankets, and first aid kits that we would also be asking for once we have the space.

We would also invest in experts in every country to find and train new members and help them put together more Road To End Poverty Tours.

The Poverty Fighters are going to keep growing and building more and more Road To End Poverty Tours until we have ended poverty.

One of the first and most important stops on our tour is going to be Africa. This may be the hardest place to end poverty but they are also the country that need our help most.

All of our members going on the tours would be volunteers, but they would be building their businesses and making more money with every new person in poverty they help become successful, those in poverty would be placed on the Poverty Fighters team that is going to be working with them and teaching them how to make money with no money.

We are going to help those in poverty build their team of at least 7 paying members and teach them how and where to advertise their businesses!

This is also where our software that automates the whole advertising process is going to come in handy because even after our tour leaves those in poverty the software will be building their business on auto pilot.

Once those in poverty have their own successful businesses making them money on auto pilot they will never have to worry about money again and they could teach others how to build their own successful business.

We should be able to pay the $1,000,000 we borrow back with interest in 2 years or less!

This is how we can end poverty if we had a million dollars to get started.

Please please help us get the funding we need to start our Road To End Poverty Tours, everyday that we don't have the funding 20,000 more children will parish.

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Bobby Cousins Innovator   Ab and marketing expert
I will keep my eyes open for you.
Jan 29th 2011 15:20   
Anon E. Professional   Internet Ninja
This sounds like an interestig venture. I will take a closer look. Thanks for sharing
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This sounds really good, just wondering if it's realistic.
Jan 30th 2011 07:07   
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I really admire your dedication to this cause Dallas. I wish you all the best.
Jan 30th 2011 07:30   
Dallas Cousins Advanced   
Thanks everyone for all the great comments and we are always looking for ways to improve, we welcome all feed back and ideas. Thank you all again
Jan 30th 2011 20:28   
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Interesting information. Thank you very much
Feb 2nd 2011 08:24   
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