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Poverty Fighters are giving away 25,000 leads, over 300,000 advertising credits, Free level 8 positions and all the tools you need to be successful in any business
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We need help funding our "Road To End Poverty Tour"!

This tour we are going to travel the world giving out food and teaching those in poverty how to make money with no money, We are going to also help them build their own business so they will know how to make money, they will know how to run this business and best of all they will never have to worry about poverty again.

With 20,000 children dying every single day right now because of poverty the need for what we are offering has never been this high.

We believe in what we are offering so much that we are giving away free level 8 positions, 300,000 advertising credits, 25,000 free leads and giving you everything you need to be successful in any business.

We are doing something no other home business would dream of doing!

You can try everything out for as long as you would like and if you don't think it is worth the one time small investment you pay nothing and keep everything!

We know what we give you is worth 10 times the value than you will invest if you decide you want to join our family and really help us make a difference!

They say we are out of our minds to give everything we are offering away for free and allowing people to keep everything even if they don't pay. But our goal is to help people and even if they don't decide to make the one time investment we know that everything we give them and you will help in any business and we also know that most people are honest and will see the value in everything we give them and make the one time investment of just $20.

This is why we are on track to hitting 250,000 members in less than one year in business and it's all thanks to wonderful people just like you.

We thank you for being so amazing and helping us to reach so many people and it's all for the good.


If you do not think that everything we give you is worth the one time investment then keep everything and pay nothing!

So who are The Poverty Fighters and why would we do something that puts so much trust in our members?

The Poverty Fighters is a brand new home business that was created to help people.

We are called the Poverty Fighters because that is our main goal , Fighting poverty.

We are doing this in a few ways:

We are preventing poverty because we are giving everyone their very own business, we are teaching others how to be their own boss and exactly how to make money with no money.

If those in poverty know exactly how to make money and be their own boss they will be able to feed their families and never have to worry about losing their jobs. They will always be financially secure and never have to worry about money because this business will allow them to build a huge income with very little work!!!!

Our plan on ending poverty is going to happen two ways:

1. Every paying member that joins our family, $2 is going to be donated to charity, So the more people that join our family the more Money that goes to charities!

2. The second part on how we plan on ending Poverty is through setting up work stations for the jobless, homeless and anyone else in poverty and give out food and teach them how to be their own boss and make money with no money, we are going to help each of them build their business.

As the Chinese Proverb says " Give a man a fish he will eat a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat a lifetime." That is what we believe here at The Poverty Fighters if you give people food they will eat for a day but if we teach them how to make money and help them make money they will eat for a lifetime and be able to take care of their families for a lifetime!

The most rewarding part of this business, Is knowing that what we are doing is saving lives and we are going to end poverty the only question is are you going to help us.

So what does the pay look like? You are getting A Free Level 8 Position and you will be giving away Free Level 8 positions. Below is a chart of what you are going to earn if you just give away 7 free level 8 positions and they all do the same.

Level 8 - $0

Level 7 - $98

Level 6 - $686

Level 5 - $4,802

Level 4 - $33,614

Level 3 - $235,298

Level 2 - $1,647,086

Level 1- $11,529,602

Also keep in mind that this is the same amount that is going to be donated to charities and all you have to do is give away FREE level 8 positions.

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child. Inkama Forest E. Witcraft

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The Poverty Fighters are now giving away free level 8 positions and giving away this amazing opportunity. Try it for FREE, if and only if you think it's worth the one time $20 investment then you pay

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The Poverty Fighters Are All About Helping People! They want you to be successful and they have helped me so much and gave me so much there is no way I could ever repay you all for everything you all did to help me, thank you very very very very much. You guys are amazing!!!!
Jan 27th 2011 11:33   
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Great review my friend! Keep up the great work.
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