Google - Love it or hate it

by Gilberto Cintron Viral, Local, Social & Mobile Marketing Expert
There is a lot to be said about Google. Some people hate it and complain about it. Me, I love it. Google is one of the things that has happened to the internet.
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  • Free Gmail with 7498 MB free space
  • Google Voice free telephone calls, transcribe them into text email
  • Google Books, and Scholars, find content for you sites and blogs
  • Google Adsense awesome affiliate program. Set it and forget is.
  • Google Affiliate Network, thousands of merchants and products for you to earn from
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Review on Google - Love it or hate it

There is a lot to be said about Google. Some people hate it and complain about it. Me, I love it. Google is one of the things that has happened to the internet.

They have so many free tools to use that any one not taking advantage of them is missing out on so much. When you create Google account, any account. That entitles you to use of everything Google. Have you ever looked at the free apps page? Take a look at this there are so many tools here that it is a bit over whelming. And this is not even all they offer.

Lets start with Gmail. This has got to be one of the best free email services on the planet. It knocked out Hotmail and Yahoo has barely kept up. Why? You may be asking. Well lets look at what Gmail offers:

To begin with, it is free. Ok, we all know that. But did you know that you get 7498 MB of free space? You never have to delete your emails, you simply archive them. And if you ever need to find something the Search All Mail feature is absolutely amazing. It will index all your emails for you into groups that Google calls "conversation". And if that is not enough, they incorporated a chat feature right there in you email control panel. You can chat with you friends, contacts, customers or family right from the Gmail control panel. But wait, it's not just your regular run of the mill chat box, you can also do video chatting. That is awesome. But them that had to make even that better. They created Google voice. It is a system similar to Skype in only one way, you can use it for free. First with Google voice you get a real phone number for free. You have to pay to get a number from Skype and if you don't keep up with the payments, you lose the number. With Google voice you get a free number in any area code you want, and it's your forever.

You can point all your phones to Google voice and use that number as your primary number. Then if someone calls your landline (if you still use those) it will ring on your cell phone or whatever and no one will know you are at the beach instead of at work, hehe, It also operates as you own personal operator. So if you miss a call you can set it up like a big shot. With a message like "Hello, thank you for calling blu blu and blu. All over service reps are busy left us your number and some one will return your call in a few moments. Thank you for calling Blu Blu and Blue. But wait, you can have that phone message sent to you as a text message! Amazing right. You can add up to six phone numbers to your Google voice account and never miss a call or let your virtual secretary take a message.

Now if you followed that link above ans saw all the tools Google is giving away, you can make you internet presence really felt. Ok so you registered you domain name and set up a beautiful estore. Wouldn't it be nice if you had some way to analysis the traffic. Like wouldn't it be great if you knew where your traffic was coming from, is it all from the USA or are most visitors to your store from China, Russia, Africa? With Google analytics you can track all of that and more. And it is not difficult to do. You sign up for a free account, using your user name and password from your Gmail account, add the urls you want to track, copy and paste the three or four lines of code provided at the end of your website just before the and you are good to go. When ever you want to see what is going on on your site you log in and check out the easy to read reports.

So now you want to earn a few cents, maybe enough to pay your web hosting bill. So you sign up for a Google Adsense account. While most of us will not make the kind of money a site like say Ebay will make from Adsense, we can make some bucks. The better our site, the more traffic we get, the more traffic we get the our Adsense will be seen. The more our Adsense ads are seen the more likely that people will click on the adds to check out the products. Its pay per click so the more legitimate clicks we get the more we will earn. But please do not try to beat the system. Google will know and then you will be banned.

Ok so now you want to boost the ranking and the traffic to your website. So you create a free Google webpage and point it to your primary site. And lets not forget Flogger one of the original free blogging platforms, yes it is owned by Google and if you get a blogger account you are pretty much guaranteed acceptance into the Google Adsene program.

Then there is the Google affiliate network. Another form of revenue for you.

There are so many tools and ways to use them that it is mind boggling. Ad some video to your website from Google Videos. Into architecture? Use Google's SketchUp to easily and quickly build 3D models. Want the news on your desk top? Get the Google reader. The list goes on, health apps, apps to help with your finances, apps to follow online trend that way you can gear you marketing efforts in the right direction and be ahead of the curve.

Need content for you blog, or articles, then checkout Google scholars and Google books. Need to translate a document, a page or an entire website, use Google translate. The tools and resources are there, and they are all free. If used properly, you will have a strong internet presence and the money will follow. Google love it or hate its a force to be reckoned with online. But not just online, use Google maps to explore you neighborhood or the state/country you live in. Or use Google earth to explore the tiniest corner of the most remote part of the world. Like under wate exploration and marine life? Checkout Google Ocean, part of Google Earth.

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Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
What a RevPage. Glad to see appreciation for a Giant on the internet.
Many people might moan or groan about this excellent company, but in secret they still use their services.
Nice one Gil, I personally love Google, use them everyday and i do apply alot of their tools.
Not many people know of some of googles hidden little secrets, thanks for shining some light on that.
Sep 18th 2010 13:19   
Gilberto Cintron Senior   Viral, Local, Social & Mobile Marketing Expert
No problem Dawie. There are people to hate just for the sake of hating. One thing I do hate is IE. I only use Firefox, in fact, I wish I could just delete IE from my machine but good ole Gates knew what he was doing so if you try to totally remove IE other things will not function correctly.
Sep 18th 2010 13:47   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
I use opera and firefox, and as you know at the moment opera mini.
At least i can still be here, be it though one page at a time. My IE icon is deleted, still on the PC but at least i dont have to see it.
Sep 18th 2010 13:59   
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