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Being hailed as the smoker's smart choice, the decision is easy to become an instant modern smoker. Because they are absent thousands of additives and chemicals when compared to tobacco cigarettes
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  • Get ready to SAVE, this is where it all begins! Dive in and do it right the first time, get everything you need to get started right away with E-Cigarette Starter Kits
  • Not sure if it's for you? Give a disposable e-cigarette a whirl, it includes the same type of atomizers as the full starter kits, less the accessories and cartridges for as little as $12.49
  • Refill cartridges aren't such a bad idea knowing that your are saving up to 80% We carry flavors such as traditional tobacco, menthol, cherry, blueberry, chocolate, strawberry, cigar and more.
  • If you're looking to stylize your kit, or protect it from those pockets look no further, we carry unique cases just for you! What a great way to carry extra batteries and cartridges with you
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Review on E-Cigarettes Choice

"I am happy to report that I have not had a real tobacco cigarette since starting SS Choice e-cigarettes on Christmas day. I am thrilled not to smell like smoke, and to have safer access to nicotine. My kids are so proud of me. My husband is still working on getting used to his but all in good time. His atomizer seems to be a little tempermental at times. I think the secret is just putting down the real ones, and committing to this method of smoking."

"I love e-cigs better for my health, the smell of my car/home/self gone. And helping me quit real cigarettes. Where were you 5 years ago when I started smoking? Anyways thanks for your product. :) " - JONATHAN RILEY

"I love this product!!! My goal is to use the e-cig 100% of the time and never smoke real cigarettes again. As of now, I'm only using e-cig about half the time -- but even so, I can breath a lot easier. All smokers should make the switch." - KIM STUECK

"I just had to say that their customer service is GREEEAAAATTTT!! They took care of my problem immediately, super friendly, and to my complete 100% satisfaction. Their products are great and the best price I could find anywhere. Why deal with anyone else?" - JOHN EHRENBERG

"I just received my e cigarette starter kit today. It's great. I found myself trying to ash it at first. It took awile to get used to the fact that it wasn't burning and that I could leave it alone for a half hour and just take a few more puffs on it. They had the feeling in both my hand and on my throat of a true cigarette. Being vapor, I was suprised at the flavor. I ordered more than one flavor, and they are both great. Having been used to the real version of a cigarette, I had forgotten that tobbacco really is a pleasant flavor. And it's great to "smoke" and really taste it. After a few hours, I felt the desire, for some reason, to try my "old" cigarettes. They were not as good. My personal thought is that I did not need them. The flavor was not as intense and the smoke seemed a bit too harsh. Thanks for a great product. I've spent most of this evening on the phone telling friends how great these are."

"I had purchased the E-Cigarette about 2 weeks ago and I wrote yesterday that I was having problems producing vapor, but I had figured it out. Since last night the E-Cigarette has been amazing. This definitely will replace the regular smelling cigarette. I would recommend purchasing the E-Liquid to get the full effects. I was smoking Marlboro Lights which only has 7 mg of nicotine, but I had purchased the 16 mg of nicotine E-Liquid to make sure that I would get the full effect. Excellent Product!" - DAVID WISE

"My wife has emphazima and has had seven heart attacks. But she still could not quit smoking. Until we received the e cigarettes from you. The first day she laid down the tobacco cigarettes and now is feeling much better. Thank you for your extremely fast service and for a product that has helped my wife beyond belief." - JOHN EHRENBERG

"I want to tell you that you are a wonderful company to do business with. You honor the quality of your products, you charge a small shipping fee, and your mailings are always on time. Your email notices of shipping out are also greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work and you will always be on top of the others. Thank you. " - INDIA S

"I got my SS Choice No. 7 Micro three days ago, and love it. I was smoking as much as two packs of cigarettes a day, and now have had a total of seven tobacco cigarettes since receiving my e-cigarette. Three of those were only because I got myself stuck without charged battery. My wife isn't making me smoke outside anymore, and my boss appreciates me taking less "self-appointed" breaks at work. Additionally, I already physically feel a lot better. I'm breathing easier, have more energy, and surprisingly, I'm constantly in a much better mood than I was smoking tobacco cigarettes. The No. 7 micro isn't exactly like a tobacco cigarette, but close enough for a heavy, stubborn smoker like me to make the switch effortlessly." - JOHNNY VOX

"I started using this product about a month ago. I am totally satisfied. My health has clearly improved already. I tried the nicotine replacement products, but they did not satisfy my craving for cigarettes like these do. I don't use the e-cigarette nearly as much as I used to smoke cigarettes either. I highly recommend these for anyone who wants to improve their health, but can't or doesn't want to go cold turkey." - SUE BICKFORD

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