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About our Business

ORTMAN Enterprises was established in 1984.

We sell the best Personal Care, Dental Care, Nail Care, Nutritional and Weight Loss supplements, visit our web site here.

We sell the ONLY EPA tested and proven retrofit device to increase gas mileage and lower emissions, find out about this PATENTED Technology, originally manufactured for NASA, on our web site here.

Learn how to convert your car to run on water, and increase your gas mileage by clicking here.

We sell FTA Digital Satellite and Terrestrial Receivers, that will allow you to view 1080i broadcasts on your HDTV, or your analog TV with downconversion. Our Digital/HDTV receivers allow you to watch up to 10,000 channels FREE, with NO monthly payments or subscription fees. Compare that to Digital Cable, $100.00+ for 125 channels, Dish Network and DirecTV, $30.00 a month for 120 channels. You BUY the equipment from us, that's the ONLY FEE you ever pay. Receive your local over the air Digital HDTV channels FREE, and up to 10,000 Digital HDTV Satellite Channels FREE. Our FTA Receivers work with ALL satellite dishes, 18-inch up to 12-foot and larger, they work with ALL switches, so you can use your DirecTV, Dish Network, Voom, AngelSky, etc., dishes. Check out our Dual Tune LNB, that will not only let you pick up one satellite, but a second satellite .2 degrees apart. Put this on your DirecTV or Dish Network Dish in place of the 119 LNB, and you'll not only get 119 Echostar 7, but you'll also get Anik3 at 118.8 degrees. This LNB is perfect for Motorized dishes, since it will let you pick up 2 satellites instead of just one. Visit our web site for our special deals here.

We are an amazon affiliate, you can order our retrofit fuel device and all our satellite/TV equipment through amazon.com payments, we have buy now with amazon buttons on the sites, and you can visit our amazon storefront here.
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Featured Products or Services

Amiko Alien2
May 28 2013 12:51

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Skybox/Openbox S9 HD FTA Receiver
Sep 2 2010 10:45

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Coolsat 8100 HD High Definition Receiver with 8PSK installed
Apr 27 2008 15:27

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Vitalizer Series 100 Retrofit Fuel Saving Device
Apr 8 2008 11:13

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Diamond 9000HD FTA receiver
Mar 23 2008 18:34

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