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Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, you will not even know or have a hint how this gas is destroying you and your dear ones. So, it is must to have CO detectors to have a secure and healthy environmen
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An estimated 400 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning associated with home fuel-burning heat equipment every year in US (Minnesota dept of health stats). It is small figure but is enough for you to worry, if you are using a fuel-burning fire equipment. While heating equipment is a must have and essential part of US houses, safety of its inhabitants is also of paramount importance. Therefore it is a must to have a carbon monoxide detector at every house.

What is Carbon Monoxide?
Carbon Monoxide (CO) is colorless, odorless and tasteless poisonous gas. It often mixes with other gases present in the house and does produce an odor, but people dont recognize the smell and inhale the poison without knowing they are inhaling CO.

How Does It Harm Humans?
Carbon Monoxide is a killer gas. It displaces oxygen form the blood and deny the heart, brain and every vital organs of Oxygen and essential for our survival. This is a silent killer and can make you unconscious and suffocate you in minutes without any warnings or signs. Which can lead to death. Children and the elderly people are the most prime victim of this unseen killer.

What Are The Common Sources Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Houses?
It is very important to know the places which can cause the carbon monoxide poisoning. This makes it easy to mark the places for installing carbon monoxide detectors. The most common places which can cause carbon monoxide leakage are:

Dryer vent
Water heaters
Gas stoves and ovens
Gas from house car and other vehicles
Grills, power tools, garden equipment, power generators etc.
Wooden stoves
Cigarette smoking at home
Why Is Carbon Monoxide Detector Necessary For Every Home?
Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer of 400 people every year in America. These people are killed in the safe vicinity of their home. Sometimes the whole family is at risk. So it is really important and a duty of every house owner to install a carbon monoxide detector at their home

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