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Two Bed Apartment

Residence 21 is a 10 story building with 2 basements that comprises of apartments on 9 floors and penthouses on the... Read More

# Eco-Tech Solar!

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly... Read More

Carbon Monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, you will not even know or have a hint how this gas is destroying you and your... Read More

#Eco - Aqua/Agri Tech!

Promoting self reliance on aquaculture that involves cultivation of freshwater & saltwater populations under... Read More

2018 - Forbes "Best Water Bottle

You can have it out in the hot sun for 36+ hours and the ice will not be fazed. 00% BPA-Free and Toxin free -Easy to... Read More

Help poor family to survive

This manychildren family needs food. Help them to buy or send some money Read More

Covenant Eyes

How can you help your loved ones overcome one of the most damaging addictions in our society? Read More

New MacroJobHouse Ranger Youtube

NMJR is an entrepreneurial charity enterprise functioning in its capacity as a virtual information disseminator.... Read More

Aluminum/tin etc. Reuse, Recycle!

With your touch of creativity REUSE, RECYCLE & REDUCE the need for things from aluminum, foils, soda cans, tabs,... Read More

Paper etc. Reuse, Recycle!

DIY Boxes, Organizers, Baskets, Paper bags, Packaging, Decors, Utility Containers. SUBSTITUTING materials with used... Read More

#Eco-Tech Solar!

The simplest application of solar power wherever it may fit best. Read More


Parental attention, inspiration & teacher's guidance needed. More@ Read More

#Farm, Homestead, Preparedness Life

Self-sufficiency, subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs,.. Eco friendly farming, homesteading... Read More

Family Lawyers in India

Get legal advice, view fees and ratings for Family advocates in India. To discuss your problem with Top Family Law... Read More

Playing cards with cousins

a video playing cards with cousins to enjoy free time. Read More


All year round various tips in planting to select from and to guide you along the way in creating your very own... Read More

Exchange of Heirloom Seeds, Fruits,

Simply referring to old cultivar that is maintained by gardeners and farmers, particularly in isolated or ethnic... Read More

#Plant a Fruit Tree! 1 will do :)

An eco-friendly activity within the family, the neighborhood and within the community. Read More


Grow plants that can substitute chocolate, milk, eggs, edible dyes and salt. Can be for ornamental, medicinal and... Read More

#Plant for Coffee Substitutes!

There are many plants that can be grown to substitute coffee. Can be for ornamental, medicinal and added nutrient... Read More

#Plant for Sugar Substitutes!

Here are plants that can be grown to substitute sugar or can serve as natural sweetener. Can be for ornamental,... Read More

#Grow your own medicine!

An eco-friendly activity within the family, the neighborhood and within the community! Read More

Collective Innovative IDEAS

Innovative ideas one can think of INCLUDING DIY recycling, reuse, reduce for needs at home, community, or globally... Read More

#Wood, furniture etc. Recycle!

You and We are the alliance of global responsive environmentalist educators ... "AGREE". Read More


Life is better explained by the more experienced. My expensive free advice not only helps with personal life issues,... Read More

Fabric, Clothing, ..Recycle!

Inviting you to join a DIY project on recycling, reuse, reduce for needs at home, community, or globally SUBSTITUTING... Read More

3 Weak Diet

THE 3 WEEK DIETis a revolutionary new #diet system that not only guarantees to help you #lose #weight it promises to... Read More

Nourishing shampoo / ginseng root

Gently cleanses and regenerates damaged structure of hair. Protects worn-out and damaged hair against adverse... Read More

Memorial Service

Outline of services and pictures of flag presentation Read More

Book Sales

Books published with amazon. Can be purchased from my website. Wishes do come true - Children's picture story... Read More

Stay Strong and Stand

The website expresses the talents, life and twelve book publications of Aleja Bennett. From abuse to survival,... Read More

WorldVentures Agent

Worldventures is a travel club that you can buy into as a member or as a representative AND member. Want to travel to... Read More

QIVANA Health Products

Synergistic Health Systems Qivana is pioneering a new approach to taking natural products. Read More

WorldVentures Travel

Worldventures is a travel club that you can buy into as a member or as a representative AND member. Want to travel to... Read More

HighDef Nation!

Would you like to Win "Free Health Care for Family" or "Free Car"? ..Lock your postion Launch in... Read More

Graduate Debt Free!

Graduate Debt Free With Our Fool Proof Pay It Forward System! Receive Unlimited Daily Cash Payments Of $47 While You... Read More

Multiple Orgasms Made Simple

A 2011 survey by Jane Magazine found, while more than 87 percent of men aged 18 to 26 years old experienced orgasm... Read More

Make a Living.....Living

Looking for travel discounts I can help. Hotels, car rentals, flights, cruises, vacation packages and local... Read More

FAFn24 Systems

Providing families with a recovery plan that help eliminate bills and provide income with long term potential. Read More

CyberSafe247 Protect your Internet

CyberSafe247, An all in one, Modem, Router, WiFi, Switch with an in built control system, and remote management.... Read More


ADTPays offers you an opportunity to build a business around referring ADT and ADTCompanion services. Read More

ACN IRIS 5000 VideĆ³ telefon

ACN Iris 5000 Videophone The combination of the ACN Videophone and ACN's Digital Phone Service provides the latest... Read More


All the spiritual emotion comes from the very inner layer of our soul so we should try to listen it Read More

GVG/iWowWe Free video email

Platform created for branding and communications, video conferencing and Free Video Email (Vmail)... Read More

MultiPure Emergency Kit

Tragedy like it happened to Japan is a reminder to be prepared for the unexpected disaster. Read More

Video Conferencing/FREE Video email

Get your F R E E Video email and send out interesting videos to everyone you know... The future is now, get yours!! Read More


Second Life is the Internets largest virtual world, imagined and created by it residents. Second Life has more than a... Read More

My Relationship marketing

Do not join this program as it will network you with to many people way to fast and make you way to much money. Read More

World Vacation Dreams Rentals

World Vacation Dreams Rentals has been designed to provide vacation home owners a online portal to advertise their... Read More

Long Life Storable Food

Long Shelf Life Storable Food with a 15yr Shelf Life Read More