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DACO -Diversified Advertising Co-Op

The concept of DACO is that a group of people (called members) pool their funds and share in various advertising methods. These methods can be traffic exchanges, promotion sites, paid-to-click... Read More
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Save Our Children

My Name is Shirley Ruth Caron, I'm a new Member here at Apsense and I am really loving it! I reside on the South side of Indianapolis, Indiana(Greenwood)with my loving Husband, Mike. I am... Read More
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TIM-The Instant Millionaire

We are an organizational group of like minded individuals working together for the purpose of financial freedom. Each one of our members become Team Managers of their own group and excel to a... Read More
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Anyone willing to help us raise the funds needed to build our community center. Your advise on sources of funds welcome. If we can build a large group of people that are each willing to donate only... Read More
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Make $997 per sale. No Selling…No PHONE CALLS. We close your sales! Read More
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Health and wellness. Not just any other company offering you a chance to take care of your self while making money from home. Read More
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Entertainment Group

This group will consist of anyone in the entertainment field. Vocalists, Bands, Recording Studios, Distribution Companies, and CD Duplication Companies as well as Internet Radio, We would like to... Read More
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Listbuilding - Step by Step

Interested in building your list ? Join this group. We discuss all points and views of listbuilding. Read More
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My Family Site Read More
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Travel Wealth

The Hottest Travel Deals and The Best Income Opportunity In The World. Capitalise On Todays 4 TOP TRENDS 1. Internet e-commerce 2. Baby Boomers 3. Home-Based Business 4. 7 Trillion Dollar... Read More
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