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green revolution

this group is made for discussion about environmental problems and there solutions.... how can we minimise pollution in our society... what type of things shouyld we use?.. and what is the green... Read More
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Solar House Group

African Solar House Great Project Read More
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Energy severr

Share Energy Seving IdiasShare Naure Seving IdiasShare Enveriorement Saving Idias Read More
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The Truth Behind Global Warming

Global Warming - is an increase in the world's temperatures, believed to be caused in part by the greenhouse effect.  Truth:  As we all believed, global warming is a very... Read More
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Cultural TV

Cultural And Ambiental TV Channel Read More
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this group will increase our consiousness of the need to protect the environment. The water,land and air. Read More
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Global Warming

Global warming has become perhaps the most complex problems of world leaders. On the other hand, the warnings of the scientific community is becoming increasingly difficult due to the increasing... Read More
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